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The Most Dangerous Book in the World: By super Occultist Basil Le Croix

"This is the most dangerous book you will ever hold in your hands. It is a book of secret rituals. The ceremonies are powerful beyond belief. They can be dangerous if treated lightly, but if directions are faithfully followed no harm should befall you" - Basil Le Croix

Basically, if you struggle with Ikea furniture don't go near this book or you will straight up die. This stark warning comes from the author of the most dangerous book in the world - this is his opening salvo.

Those involved in the darkest practices of the Occult think its writer crossed the line, broke the circle, revealed the workings of their powerful magic to those who could not be trusted.

Basil E. Crouch AKA Basil le Croix wrote The Book of Forbidden Knowledge in the late 1970s but it was only after his death in January 2020 that the book was finally released. In fact the author writes that he gives the information ‘under pain of death’ and ended up asking for the book to be published only after his death for fear of repercussions.