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Was JFK assassinated by the Majestic 12... because of aliens?

Was JFK too close to 'Full Disclosure' to stay alive?

Harvey Lee who? The only JFK assassination theory we're interested in is the one involving aliens.

On November 22 1963, US President John F Kennedy was killed by gunshot during a political parade in Texas. The "official" culprit of the much-loved politician's murder was a man named Harvey Lee Oswald.

There are multiple theories about how he was killed that autumn day at Dealey Plaza, Dallas.

People have argued and speculated for decades who was really involved; if Oswald was a fall guy; if it was a Mafia related hit; if it was the Kennedy Curse in action etc - but there is another POV.

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JFK and wife Jackie had no idea the history-changing horrors that were just minutes away

Had JFK discovered the US military had a secret relationship with aliens? Was it decided that he must be silenced when he started asking questions?

Obviously this theory has been covered by the The History Channel's flagship show, Ancient Aliens.

They sent the big dog Giorgio A. Tsoukalos to meet a historian who believes a scrap of charred paper found in a fireplace could prove that JFK was "silenced" after he found out information a shady Government group called the Majestic 12 didn't want to be revealed.

The Majestic 12 pops up quite a lot in alien-based conspiracy theories, and refers to a secret government committee which was apparently formed in 1947 and was responsible for investigating the possibility of alien life on earth.

The FBI have always denied its existence.

However, that hasn’t stopped “scholars” from presenting theories and evidence that the group was not only very real, but also very powerful and dangerous.

On an episode of Ancient Aliens, Tsoukalos is shown a letter that was reportedly recovered from a fireplace penned by Alan Dulles, who was the director of the CIA under Kennedy’s presidency.

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This harrowing footage captures the moment the President was murdered

Dulles’ alleged letter claims “Lancer” (which was a code name for the president at the time) made inquiries regarding the CIA’s activities in regards to aliens – an act which the organisation could not allow.

Robert M. Wood – a retired aerospace manager said: “The inference of the scorched memo is that if JFK keeps doing what he’s doing, he may be is a problem.”

Archive photo of the blood splattered Presidential limousine after Kennedy was shot

It is claimed that in the letter, Dulles identifies a number of actions which that could be taken, one of which implies that if Washington does spot asking questions ‘it should be wet’.”

'It should be wet' was a phrase used by Soviet spies as a code word for assassination.

Adding fuel to the fire is Douglas Caddy, a lawyer who was “close friends” with E. Howard Hunt – an officer in the CIA during Kennedy’s presidency.

Caddy claims that JFK was assassinated in order to protect the CIA’s top secret information in relation to alien life.

Reflecting on his last encounter with Hunt in 1975, he said: “Out of my own curiosity I said to him: ‘Howard, why was John Kennedy assassinated?’”

Ancient Aliens always seems to come to the same conclusion...

Hunt reportedly replied: “John Kennedy was assassinated because he was about to give our most vital secret to the Soviet Union.”

Was that secret… ALIENS?

In the era of the Space Race, against the backdrop of the Cold War, a secret like UFO technology and intergalactic insider info really would have been worth killing for - or killing to keep safe.

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