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HOW? WHAT? WHY? Neighbours vs Zombies

Telling these zombies to "rack off" probably won't work
FYI: Telling these zombies to "rack off" probably won't work

For people of a certain age, BBC 1, 5:40pm Monday to Friday, is synonymous with a particularly golden era of television, well it's not been since 2008, which coincidentally is when Neighbours moved to Channel 5.

However, from 1985 until then, keeping up with the goings-on in Ramsay Street was more important than a weekly phonecall to your grandparents, who like almost all of the UK at this time, were also avid watchers of this pocket of life 'Down Under'.

Neighbours was a glimpse into the world of Ramsay Street in the fictional Melbourne suburb of Erinsborough. It was a small Australian cul-de-sac where people's everyday life was punctured by almost constant grief, affairs, fall outs and death.

There were cults ("We are the children, we are the children of Barabbas", people falling off cliffs and turning up years later with amnesia (yes you, Harold Bishop), and of course the infamously trippy segment from the POV of the local dog, dubbed 'Bouncer's Dream'.

The street seemed to be cursed but they knew nothing of the horror yet to come...

Halloween 2014, Zombies (Yes, ZOMBIES!) came to Erinsborough and Toadie, Dr. Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson and the rest of the street were front line in the first wave of the undead. You might be thinking 'WTF, this is not true' but you would be wrong, this absolutely happened (for some reason).

Here's the trailer:

And off the back of the success of Neighbours vs. Zombies, producer, writer, director Ric Forster followed it up with 2017s Neighbours vs. Time Travel, where Paul Robinson travels back in time to 1985, the year in which Neighbours began.

Paul accidentally changes years worth of history by offering business tips to his younger self (bloody Robinson, of all the things he could alter, his aim was to make Lassiter's a 5 star hotel), leading to "some alarming results!".

The Robinson/Robinson 1985 scenes are wonderful. Here's the Trailer:

So where next? It must be about time for the Ramsay Street residents to have another outing vs. some sort of other worldly phenomenon.

Neighbours vs. Michael Myers? Neighbours vs. The Apocalypse? Neighbours vs. Nazis? I for one would welcome Dr. Karl Kennedy and Toadie decapitating a new Nazis.

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