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Weird Christmas horror movies: 5 festive gore films to add to your watchlist

weird Christmas horror movies
Five weird Christmas horror movies you NEED to watch this December

As There's Something In The Barn hits cinemas, we rate five other *incredible* Christmas horror movies you've probably never heard of...

Irritating relatives, the Call The Midwife Christmas special, feigning pleasure at a shit gift - no matter what people tell you, the festive season really isn't a season of joy.

But if you like your family, mediocre BBC dramas and can open any present and see its value on eBay, then you might need to balance out Christmas' sickly sweetness another way. Enter the Christmas horror movie.

Last month Sinister Isles was invited to a special preview screening of There's Something In The Barn, which was released in cinemas and on digital download on December 1. The movie, which is a festive comedy with a smattering of gory moments, tells the story of an American family who inherit a Norwegian farmhouse. They up sticks from California to start a new Scandinavian life, at Christmas no less, but it's not long until their brash traditions rile up the miserable elf who lives in the barn.

Livid at the influx of fairy lights, inflatable decorations and general merriment, he calls upon all the barn elves in the area to get rid of these tacky interlopers once and for all... and chaos (and bloodshed!) ensues.

I really enjoyed the film, it has plenty of laugh out loud moments, and it's definitely an easy watch for over the festive period.

There's Something In The Barn screening London November 2023
We love going to screenings! Please invite us to more!

But as much as I enjoyed There's Something In The Barn, it's not entering my top 5 weird Christmas horror movies list. You can check out the elite list - in full - below...

What are the best weird Christmas horror movies?

1. Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?

A rich widow picks out children from an orphanage to spend Christmas with her in her mansion. But, don't be fooled, she's not kind, she's a witch, she's got the corpse of her dead daughter upstairs... and she wants to replace her with a new, living girl.

There's a particularly creepy scene where two children (one of whom is 'Oliver Twist' aka Mark Lester) are lost in a storage room filled with old carnival attractions and decorations. I was appalled that this film was only rated PG-13 when it came out in 1971. Maybe I am more of a snowflake than I like to think!

2. Jack Frost 2: The Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman

I LOVED the first Jack Frost, did I think it could be beaten? No. Was I wrong? Yes.

The sequel sees killer snowman Jack end up on a Carribean island after snatching a carrot from a fisherman (don't ask), and it's not long until he's giving the phrase 'pristine white beaches' a whole new meaning. The sandy beaches become an icy tundra, and the bodies of scantily-clad beach babes start stacking up.

But, this time, he's not unleashing murder and chaos alone. Like a wet Gremlin, he's able to spawn equally demonic 'snow babies' - snowballs that can bite! - and they're gonna make sure they make the most of the 24/7 dining options at the cursed resort.

The film is absurd, 10/10.

3. Elves

A retired cop turned down on his luck mall Santa finds himself caught up in a Nazi bloodline ritual which makes zero sense but a brilliant (bonkers) plot.

This rare gem from 1990 features some horrific prosthetic mutant elves, the last remaining pure-blooded Aryan virgin in the world, twisted family secrets, and a LOT of blood. Throw in a tub of Celebrations and your Boxing Day movie night is complete.

4. Profondo Rosso

OK I admit this is quite tenuous, but it can be argued that Profondo Rosso (Deep Red) is a Christmas film. How? Well, Dario Argento's 1975 mystery slasher opens with a young boy seeing his family murdered, right next to a Christmas tree.

I love the Italian gore masters, the colours are so vivid, and the soundtracks... well, Profondo Rosso is my favourite one. If only Goblin released a Christmas album. That would be increds.

5. Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toymaker

Choosing the best of the five Silent Night, Deadly Night movies is a struggle, they are all good fun and entertaining in their own right. But, although I love the first and second ones, for sheer mental-ness, I decided to share the glorious trailer for the fifth (and sadly) final film in the series.


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