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The Abysses of Josef F: Lunacy and delusion from one of the world's most twisted men

Josef Fritzl's 'autobiography' is not what it seems
Josef Fritzl's 'autobiography' is not what it seems

When I heard that Josef Fritzl had written an autobiography from his high security prison in Austria, I was desperate to read it.

But could I remember enough of my high school German lessons to decipher the rantings, musings - and revelations? - of the man who imprisoned one of his daughters in a home-made dungeon, raped her an estimated 3,000 times and forced her to bear seven of his children, one of whom died and he incinerated in a log burner?

Thankfully, I didn't have to rack my brains too much. Earlier this month an English translation of the book was released, meaning my German language skills remain forever frozen at being able to ask for a glas