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Donald Marshall claims he's a victim of human trafficking and Illuminati cloning

In May this year, an American man called Filimon Hurtado allegedly set his brother's Fresno home on fire, killing his two young children, 5-month-old Calyx Hurtado and Cataleya Hurtado, 18 months, and leaving his sister-in-law with substantial burns after he doused her with petrol and set her alight she tried to stop him.

But what could drive someone to do such a thing? ABC30 reports that when he was questioned about why he had started the fire, Hurtado said that he needed to do something more extreme than killing himself in order to expose a celebrity human trafficking and cloning ring.

After the fire, in the back of an ambulance, Fire Department investigator Nathan Dansby asked him, “Do you regret any of this stuff here?” Hurtado said, “No. This task is much bigger than myself.”

He also went in to graphic detail about how he set the house on fire. “I poured gasoline at the bottom of the door. I started the fire. She [his sister] tried to put it out. She was acting very nonchalant. She didn’t know what was wrong. She was asking me what was wrong. I knocked her over and poured gas all over her body.”

On May 2, 2022 Hurtado shared a video to YouTube saying that human cloning was real and he had fallen victim to it in 2017 after he was abducted from a bar.

In the video, he claims that Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown and her boyfriend, Jon Bon Jovi’s son Jake Bongiovi, had “both abducted me from the hookah bar. It’s all tied to the occult.” He added that the pair “murdered me a few times” and “teleported me here and there,” adding, “I’m not real. I’m really not real.”

There is no proof that any of his claims are based in fact.

In the 8-minute selfie video, filmed in his car, he continued: "But yeah, I'm not real. I'm really not real. I mean [I'm] plastic." He adds that he can slap himself around the face and it doesn't hurt, and that he was told he would live forever and would be replaced if he tried to kill himself.

"They are coming for everybody. They are coming for everybody. They can take you in broad daylight. They can take do things to your family. Probably do things to your real body but you know, I just don't care anymore. I still make my choices. I still do what I want."

Last week a judge ruled that Hurtado is mentally competent to stand trial on counts of murder and arson next month, where it is expected he will plead guilty by reason of insanity. He could be sentenced to death.

What is Donald Marshall's story?

When I first heard about this horrible, horrible case and his reason for it, I immediately thought of Donald Marshall, a Canadian man who claims that he is a victim of Illuminati cloning. He says that he is regularly tortured by high profile celebrities, politicians and members of the Royal family. He's amassed a huge online following with his regular postings about what has happened the night prior "at cloning", and there are loads of documents available which go in to his story in great detail.

Donald Marshall address the Filimon Hurtado case
Donald Marshall address the Filimon Hurtado case

What does Donald Marshall say about clones?

He says that a human's consciousness can be sucked out of them - causing the physical body they are in at that moment to simply flop to the floor - and placed in to another, cloned version of themself. Marshall says that these clones are then made to fight, abuse or hurt for the entertainment of Illumniati leaders who watch from the sidelines, like Roman emperors overseeing a Gladiatorial battle.

Marshall posted about the Hurtado case on Instagram this morning, commenting "tragic.. Sounds like he was at cloning though."

When one follower asked, "Can they teleport, too?" he replied, referring to suddenly being in a new body in a new place, it "seems like teleportation. Open your eyes and you’re there."


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