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What is The Black Alien Project's Instagram?

@the_black_alien_project is back online.

For nearly two months in October - December 2022 he was mysterious banned from the social media site.

In October, Antony Loffredo revealed that his account had been randomly deactivated.

The French body modifier, who now lives in Mexico, posted to his back-up account that he had lost access to all his previous content, and 1.3m followers.

In an Instagram story he wrote that his verified account was suddenly removed, and he asked his followers to report it to the platform in the hope of getting it back.

And it worked. The Black Alien Project is back!

Where is The Black Alien Project on Instagram?

Anthony Loffredo is back posting at

His official back-up account is

He previously set it up to showcase his work as a tattoo artist. In the bio, it states: "@the_black_alien_project 1 million 300 thousand subscribers certified account, deactivated."

Why was Black Alien Project Evolution removed from Instagram?

It was never revealed why Anthony Loffredo was banned from Instagram, or if it was a glitch. They often suddenly remove accounts for 'breaching community guidelines' (including @sinisterisles!!) but it is not clear what The Black Alien Project might have done to be banned.

Is The Black Alien Project on Twitter and TikTok?

The Black Alien's Twitter account is @blackalienproj2

The Black Alien's TikTok account is @black_alien_project

The Black Alien's back up Instagram account is @alien_tattoo_abstract/

black alien project TikTok
The Black Alien Project's TikTok account


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