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The Black Alien has cut off his nose - see graphic photos

If the picture on the left makes you feel sick, do NOT read the rest of this article

Terrifying body modifier The Black Alien Project has now surgically removed his nose - the pictures he shared on Instagram are very graphic, and might make you want to throw up, so proceed with caution!

The Black Alien has chopped off his nose - and says he has never been happier.

Anthony Loffredo, 32, has amassed a huge following on Instagram @the_black_alien_project, keeping his 146,000 fans on the edge of their seats with his strange appearance, and sparking debate with his frequent musings about how he wishes for a life without a nose.

And now, after undergoing the extreme procedure in Barcelona, the French body modification addict is finally living sans nez.


The Black Alien before his nose removal surgery

He told Midi Libre: “There are lots of reactions. People who are shocked, people who don't understand.

“I've never had any inner unease. I am the most fulfilled in the world. I have the chance to live the life I want, to do what I want physically.

“This is absolute freedom, there is no one stopping me. I am very happy, I do what I want with my body."

The Black Alien chats to Oscar Marquez before he removes his nose

Anthony debuted his shock new look yesterday, the centre of his face revealing a flash of pink poking through his leathery skin, which he has spent the last few years tattooing entirely black.

Hemmed with neat stitches, it is a painful sight, and one that you can’t help but wonder if he will live to regret.

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The Black Alien was operated on on September 15 2020
You can't help but wonder if he will regret this!!
Front on, he looks creepier than ever

The procedure was carried out by body modifier Oscar Marquez, who is based in Barcelona.

Loffredo, who is from Montpellier, thanked him on Instagram, writing: “Like in a dream ... I live this dream ... thank you to you @oscarmarquezbodymod you will have marked my life ... now I can walk with my head high thanks to you I am proud of what we did together.”

Midi Libre adds that nose removal is illegal in France, but rules are more relaxed in Spain.

The technical term is 'rhinotomy', which back in the olden days was a punishment for women who had cheated on their husbands. Making it extra horrid, the scorned man would be responsible for cutting it off.

Things were less dramatic for the Black Alien, and he was 100% up for it.

Anthony Loffredo before surgery to become the Black Alien Project

The removal of his nose was the latest in a long line of drastic and irreversible steps that the once handsome Frenchman took to become his extra-terrestrial alter-ego.

He has had his ears removed; his tongue split; his scleras (whites of his eyes) tattooed black; had dermal implants that look like horns beneath his skin and to exaggerate his cheekbones; and had sections of his face carved out to make lightning bolt patterns.

However, if you thought that this was him done, there is still MORE to come... and from what we can tell, there is only one thing left to chop off!

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