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The Black Alien Project has had two fingers amputated in Mexico

Regular readers of Sinister Isles will know that we are big fans of Anthony Loffredo aka @the_black_alien_project - but we think he might regret chopping off TWO fingers from his hand.

Two of The Black Alien Project's fingers have joined his lips, nose and ears.... in the bin.

The French body modification addict has been telling fans for months that he planned on chopping off two digits from each of his hands, and he has followed through after jetting to Mexico for the controversial surgery.

It's all part of his ongoing mission to be transformed into an extraterrestrial of his own design - and for him, this means having just two fingers and a thumb on each hand.

Unsurprisingly, he seems to have struggled to find anyone willing or able to perform such a life-changing modification, so he jetted to Mexico for the extreme op.

In photos he shared to Instagram, The Black Alien shared photos of the operation, as well as some videos of him flexing his remaining fingers.

He has also been giving some running commentary of the build up and recovery of the irreversible double finger amputation, speaking about how much pain he is in - but also that he feels at peace with his new form.

black alien project mexico
Some of the updates Anthony Loffredo shared from Mexico
  • Absolutely mind-blowing that he is still ONLY at 34% despite chopping off his facial features and two fingers...

black alien project mexico finger removal
Fans have been frantically checking his Instagram for updates and gory details
  • He's had acrylic nails put on that look like claws.

  • TRANSLATED: "This month is going to be super important for me, for my evolution, I feel at the top a little tired but I am recovering quickly."

black alien project finger removal
Despite many fans urging him not to go through with it, he amputated two healthy (and vital!) fingers

the black alien project mexico amputation
"Long nights of severe pain"
  • How the hell is he taking these selfies with just two fingers and a thumb?!

  • TRANSLATED: "It's been 5 days since I arrived in this country and I feel much better here than in France or in Europe where I have spent 23 years of my life."

black alien project finger operation mexico
One hand down... one to go!
  • Pic 1 you can clearly see the new (huge) chin implant he had recently.

  • A pensive post the morning he woke up with two less fingers.

  • TRANSLATED: "The healing of my hand this is going well… I already feel ready to move on and continue with the other one in no time. Peace with myself."

So what will The Black Alien Project change next?

He has stated that he wants to lose two fingers on his other hand too, and have implants in to his legs.

Whatever it is, we think it is great he is following his dream... but hope it doesn't turn in to a living nightmare a few years down the line.


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