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Which serial killers are mentioned in Gavin and Stacey?

It's one of the most beloved (and iconic) British sitcoms of all time, but there's a sinister undertone to Gavin and Stacey... and it's not *only* the presence of James Corden.

Corden and his co-writer Ruth Jones gave a subtle nod to some of the UK's most infamous serial killers - but do you know who they are?

Harold Shipman

Essex boy Gavin and his parents Mick and Pam, all have the surname Shipman. That's a nod to Dr. Harold Shipman, who is not only the UK's most prolific serial killer but also has one of - if not the - largest kill count GLOBALLY.

He was convicted of killing 15 of his elderly female patients and one case of forgery in 2000, but it's thought that the crooked GP could have played a part in the death of up to 250 throughout his career. He hanged himself in his prison cell on January 14 2004.

Despite being dead, there is still a man out there trying to earn a crust by being his lookalike. Just don't ask him to open any new nursing homes.

Fred and Rose West

Rose West is a familiar face to Sinister Isles readers - both on the site and in our incredible Killer Women zine. But she's got a presence in Barry Island, Wales, too.

She and her husband Fred West still loom large in the nation's subconscious - even though he hanged himself on New Year's Day 1995. They raped their own children, a stream of female lodgers, and after brutally murdering them, famously buried their remains under the patio of the family home at 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester.

West is Stacey's maiden name, but while she became a Shipman, her mum Gwen, brother Gabriel, and iconic closeted uncle Bryn all still wear the badge of the House of Horrors couple.

Peter Sutcliffe

One of the show's most scene-stealing characters is literally named after the Yorkshire Ripper.... he's called Peter Sutcliffe.

We all have that couple friend who are either f**king or fighting - and it's true for Pam and Mick Shipman's BFFs Dawn and Peter, well the latter part, anyway.

Pete and his wife Dawn pop up in each series, and definitely should have had their own spin-off!


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