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This man is a professional Dr. Harold Shipman lookalike

He DOES look like a GP... a 'general pensioner'

Got a beard? Wear glasses? Over 50? Need a job? Why not become a Harold Shipman lookalike!

A man who can't be trusted around the elderly doesn't seem like the sort of fella you'd want to invite to a party - but that's where you'd be mistaken. One of the UK's top Lookalike agencies has a Dr. Harold Shipman on their books.

Whether your guests would know who the heck he's meant to be without a name tag or props, say a death certificate, syringe of morphine and a stethoscope, is another matter.

Today is the 16th anniversary of the man dubbed 'Doctor Death' hanging himself in his cell at HMP Wakefield. He was four years in to a life sentence for fifteen counts of murder and one count of forgery.

dr. shipman lookalike
This man looks nothing like Dr. Harold Shipman

He was found guilty of killing fifteen of his patients by lethal injections of diamorphine between 1995 and 1998, but he is believed to have killed more than 250 people in his care, mostly older women.

It has also been suggested he played a part in the deaths of children aged as young as four.

Another death which I can find no evidence to support - probably as the following anecdote is totally untrue, I have previously revealed evidence of me being very gullible - happened when he was in prison in Wakefield.

According to a lad I was in a houseshare with circa 2003/4, his uncle worked at HMP Wakefield and told him that ol’ Shippers killed a prison guard with a biro, but it would never be formally reported as “what happens in prisons is covered by the Official Secrets Act”.

the sun front page shipman
On this day 16 years ago...

I can’t imagine a man who looks like a terminally ill Santa being much good at James Bond style hand to hand combat, but perhaps he had extra skills not available on the NHS.

One fact that can be proved about Shipman is that his murderous exploits knocked Dennis Nilsen and his 15 confirmed victims in to second place of the 'UK's top serial killer' league.

Everyone, even Jeremy Corbyn, is a better Shipman lookalike than the 'real deal'

Although he has been dead for nearly two decades, Britain's obsession with Dr. Shipman continues. One blog, Where's Harold Shipman? features lookalikes spotted from all over - and pretty much all of them are more convincing than the official fake.


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