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Inside Peter Sutcliffe and Jimmy Savile's vile Broadmoor bromance

peter sutcliffe and jimmy savile broadmoor
Both were from Yorkshire, both were a danger to women... and both loved a cuppa

The Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe and necrophile child molester Jimmy Savile struck up an uncomfortable friendship in the late 1980s when they both found themselves 'residents' of Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital. Sutcliffe was an inmate, Savile a charity hero with gold plated keys the gates of the infamous prison for the mentally disturbed.

Catching up with a BFF over a cuppa is perfectly innocent right? What about if it’s Peter Sutcliffe and Jimmy Savile on opposite sides of the teapot?

Pass the biscuits? More like pass the sickbag.

These cosy chats happened frequently when both of the pervert Yorkshiremen “lived” at Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital in the early 90s.

Sutcliffe was there serving out his string of life sentences for the murder of 13 women in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Meanwhile, necrophiliac/paedophile/cigar chomper Savile had a three-room ‘suite’ and gold plated keys to the joint as a thanks for 20-years of charity work he had done there.

Peter Sutcliffe looked like a roadie for a prog rock band
Peter Sutcliffe looked like a roadie for a prog rock band
jimmy savile cigar
Jimmy Savile was a necrophiliac, and would interfere with bodies in hospital morgues

It was revealed that he referred to his three-cell 'living quarters' - which had a kitchen and a small trampoline for him to "exercise" on - as his "cell".

The twisted mummy's boy said: “People can wander in whenever they want. I bet the patients across the way have a good laugh because they’ve got bigger rooms than me.”

Sutcliffe’s ex-cell mate, James Grant, spoke to the Daily Star about how he always put the men’s camaraderie down to both being Northern, but in hindsight, wondered if they were pals before The Yorkshire Ripper was brought to justice.

He said: “Jimmy Savile was quite a regular at Broadmoor. He paid a lot of attention to Sutcliffe.

“He [Savile] was very chatty with him [Sutcliffe]. He was always going in to Peter's cell and chatting with him and they'd drink tea together.

"It made me think there was something going on there, it just wasn’t quite right. I used to think it was a bit weird, that Savile spent so much time talking to him.

"I thought maybe, I was a bit paranoid but now I wonder at times, now that we know the full story about Savile."

Jimmy Savile broadmoor cell
Jimmy Savile was right at home in Broadmoor - he called his three-room suite his 'cell'

While at Broadmoor, Sutcliffe (who was transferred to Category-A HMP Frankland in 2016) was given art classes as part of his rehabilitation. As well as making a bust of Elvis for his wife Sonia, he is believed to have painted several canvases as "gifts" for Savile. It is not known of their location now.

Jimmy, who is estimated to have raped or molested more than 500 little girls, boys and vulnerable women over a 50 year period, also called for Broadmoor inmates - including women killer Sutcliffe - to be allowed to have sex as part of their rehabilitation.

He said: “All guys together or all girls together isn’t very healthy.

Broadmoor is one of the UK's top security psychiatric hospital
Broadmoor is one of the UK's top security psychiatric hospitals
Savile had free reign of the prison, and was even allowed to answer phones
Savile had free reign of the prison, and was even allowed to answer phones

“We have got to give our patients some reason to want to rehabilitate. And falling in love is one of the strongest.”

After Savile’s 2009 death, it was revealed that Yorkshire cops hunting the Ripper had taken a mould of Jimmy Savile’s teeth.

They wanted to see if they were a match for bite marks found on one of the twisted prostitute killer’s victims, Irene Richardson, 28.

Irene Richardson's body was found near Savile's Leeds flat (right)

His Leeds penthouse - as seen on the increasingly creepy Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends - overlooked Roundhay Park, where Sutcliffe murdered Irene Richardson on February 5th 1977.

Savile’s penthouse has floor-to-ceiling windows and a private lift to hide the

identity of visitors. The secretive telly presenter is said to have fitted it with secret cameras and mics to hear what was said about him.

There are numerous theories arguing that Savile was in fact the SECOND Yorkshire Ripper.

Was that what the murderous pervs were discussing in Broadmoor? The 'good old days'? No one knows.

In 2015, The New Statesman reported that when quizzed about what they talked about, he remained coy.

He 'happily' said: "Everyone asks,” - but the mag adds that he wouldn’t tell.

After his 2011 death, Peter Sutcliffe spoke out in defence of the flaxen-haired sex fiend.

He said: "It's a load of rubbish. People are just getting carried away. He visited a lot. He'd always come and chat with me on visits and I would introduce him to my visitors.

"Several times he left £500 for charities I was supporting.

"Coming forward after 40 or 50 years or whatever, they are jumping on the bandwagon. It only takes a couple of rumours and then it goes like wildfire.

"I don't believe he raped anyone. I think he kissed quite a few young women but that's as far as he's gone.

"It's just going crazy, they love to savage people who are dead, people who can't hit back, or prisoners who can't reply."

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