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The Black Alien cuts off his top lip... and reveals secret movie project

Anthony Lofredo has thousands of Instagram fans obsessed with his extra-terrestrial look
Anthony Lofredo has thousands of Instagram fans obsessed with his extra-terrestrial look

We are very close to becoming a full-blown The Black Alien Project stan account, and we're OK with that. The handsome Frenchman turned full-time freak has recently undergone another brutal body modification procedure... he's removed the central part of his top lip.

Anthony Lofredo shocked the world when he chopped his nose off - and now his top lip has been thrown in the bin, too.

The extreme body modifier revealed his new look on Instagram at the start of January - but kept details of when and where it happened under wraps.

It's such a weird and unusual procedure that we don't even know what the official name for it is, so if you know, please drop us a note to tell us!

The French social media star usually speaks to his army of intrigued/impressed/concerned followers through the music he chooses to accompany his Instagram stories, but he recently opened up his inbox for direct questions.

Speaking in French, he explained that his extreme lip removal procedure had left him struggling to speak, but that he was "getting used to it".

Eagle-eyed fans might have noticed that his usual "18% complete" had jumped up to 20% after the extreme surgery. One fan asked what he still had left to do.

The Black Alien replied: "I still have my arms, my fingers, my back, my legs, my backside of the head. Still a lot of work."

He also revealed that the one impossible procedure he dreams of doing involves being SKINNED, saying: "I’d rip my entire skin surface and replace it with a metal sheet instead."

Other fascinating insights included that his otherworldly look makes him a hit with the ladies, and that he has his sights set on Hollywood stardom.

Answering if he had considered moving in to movies, he said: "I have a project with a director I should do this year."

He also clarified that just because he is a human alien with no nose, ears or lips, has a split tongue tattooed a lurid shade of green, and sees the world through terrifying black eyes doesn't mean he is incapable of being part of a couple.

And after he told fans that his favourite film is weepy romance blockbuster Pearl Harbour, you can only imagine he would be a very soppy boyfriend. But one that could easily give your grandma a heart attack.


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