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Who is Horned 'QAnon Shaman' Jake Angeli?

The man pictured storming the Capitol building looking like a hick version of Techno Viking has been identified as Trump fanatic and QAnon-ner Jake Angeli. And in this interview, the QAnon Shaman reveals he takes himself very seriously... or he is just doing his day job, being an actor. Who bloody knows anymore!

I don't know about you, but last night I was sat staring at the TV with my "what the fucking hell is going on?" face on.

If it wasn't day seven of Dry January, I would probably have woken up this morning with a foggy feeling that visions of Donald Trump supporters storming the Capitol building led by a man with horns was just another pissed up dream.

But no. It happened. And the man at the forefront of it all? Apparently he is a 32-year-old actor called Jake Angeli.

A picture of the QAnon Shaman in the Capitol building
A picture of the QAnon Shaman in the Capitol building

In a 10-minute interview with Austrian TV channel ORF that was uploaded earlier to YouTube, he speaks passionately about everything from cloning to 'Pizzagate'. He rants and rages about underground bases, Jeffrey Epstein and global banking cabals. It's a real platter of truther beliefs.

After years of 'studying' conspiracy theories, Angeli's speech doesn't surprise me in the slightest, but I can imagine it would be unsettling or bizarre to people not familiar with the world of forums and Bildeberg group theories, and more.

I also wondered if this character was something he was doing as an actor, but no, it seems he is legitimately of the belief he is a shaman.

In the vid, filmed at a rally in Arizona (where he is reportedly from) last year, he explained the meaning behind his "strong look".

He said: "In order to beat this evil Occultic force you need a light Occultic force. You need an Occultic force that is on the side of God, of the angels, rather than the side of the demons.

"As a shaman I am a multidimensional or hyperdimensional being. I am able to perceive multiple different frequencies of light beyond my five senses.

"It allows me to see in to these other higher dimensions where these entities, these rapists, these paedophiles, these murderers hide in the shadows in.

"Nobody can see that as the third eye ain't open, that's where stuff like fluoride and that comes in...

jack angeli backstage trump
A screenshot from Angeli's now removed page

"The horns? Hey man you mess with the buffalo you get the horns, bro. You ever tried messing with a buffalo? This is coyote skin. According to the Navajo, the coyote is the trickster, almost a malevolent force. I've got two tails here.

"And the face paint is representative of the Native American tradition of putting on warpaint, but this is a war of a spiritual nature."

But of course being an actor, maybe this is all pretend? Tell us what you think in the poll below...


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