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Ghost hunter Barri Ghai shares 10 clues your house is haunted

It's almost Halloween, and who doesn't love a haunted house?! Well, people who live in one all year round might quickly get tired of having a few invisible lodgers. Top UK paranormal investigator Barri Ghai has been to plenty of eerie places... and he knows all the clues that you might have a ghost under your roof.

Barri Ghai, star of Help! My House Is Haunted, has been to some of the scariest places in Britain - it's safe to say that he knows a thing or two about things that go bump (or scream, scratch or smash) in the night.

With Halloween just days away, the veil between the world of the living and the dead is growing thinner, and you might have noticed more strange sounds or happenings in your home.

Are you paranoid? Or is there something paranormal going on?

He teamed up with Leader Furniture to share insight into haunted houses - and how you can tell if your home has a special guest.

If you think your house may be haunted, Barri recommends that you first try and look for the most logical explanation first before entertaining the idea that you may be sharing your home with spirits.

Ghost hunter Barri Ghai is the star of the Really channel's creepy series Help! My House Is Haunted
Ghost hunter Barri Ghai is the star of the Really channel's creepy series Help! My House Is Haunted

Record everything, document experiences and try to capture the phenomena on camera. If evidence is gathered successfully, contact a professional paranormal investigator. Once confirmation of the haunting has been officially established, speak to a psychic, medium, or clairvoyant who may be able to help cross the spirit over and subdue the entity.

10 Signs That Your House Is Haunted

1. You experience unexplained temperature drops usually confined to specific areas. 

2. You have feelings of being watched when alone.

3. You may hear unexplained noises like footsteps, bangs or crashes with no logical explanation.

4. You may experience unusual smells usually like perfume, tobacco, flowers, rotten meat, sulphur or burning.

5. You might be experiencing electrical disturbances usually affecting lights, TVs, radios or cookers.

6. You might find objects disappear and then reappear in different parts of the home.

7. You could come face to face with a ghost. This might be an apparition, smoke-like shape, dark shadow person or even a full-bodied manifestation.

8. You could experience feelings of sudden static discharge or the 'smell' of electricity.

9. You might witness objects moving on their own.

10. You could be unlucky enough to experience physical interaction including being touched by invisible hands. 

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This is the absolute truth. I've spoken with two ghosts, Jim and Goldie, that had been dead for over a hundred years. They were an old, childless couple that had died before the end of the ''Great War", as Jim put it. He was an engineer, meaning bridges and the like. The biggest thing I learnt from them, was that they could not see the reality of today. They saw THEIR reality as of the day they died. These two actually built the house I was staying in and had been there ever since. The last people to buy the place told me it was haunted, or should I say "we have A ghost!" I experienced the classic, super cold,…

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