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Carlisle's Warwick Bazaar: they don't make vintage emporiums like this anymore

I felt really lucky when I stumbled upon Warwick Bazaar in Carlisle.

I had spent the last two days at a spa with my mum at Lake Windemere, lounging around in hot tubs, reading, and eating all my meals in a dressing gown. And now I was about to indulge in my other favourite form of relaxation - digging through tat, or as it's also known, vintage shopping .

Located moments from the awesomely named Botchergate (which is home to TWO Wetherspoons!), I was actually mid-traipse around Carlisle's eight or so charity shops (looking for more fodder for our Book Club) when I spotted Warwick Bazaar.

After ticking off Cancer Research and Oxfam - both fruitless, but next to a geeky games shop that had giant models of Saw baddie Jigsaw AND Stripe the Gremlin in the window - I headed back to the Bazaar, unaware of what might be inside.