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Corey Feldman: His Truth, His Way

If your childhood spanned films like Gremlins, The Goonies, Stand by Me, The 'burbs, The Lost Boys and Friday the 13th et al, you like me might have a hard time in not having a soft spot and fascination with Corey Feldman. This year he is finally releasing his long awaited documentary about the less happy times he and namesake friend Corey Haim suffered whilst making these films.

Feldman started the journey of making his documentary using the hashtag #kids2 in the wake of the #metoo revolution in Hollywood that saw some of the industry’s leading female stars and their male allies take down sexually aggressive producers, directors and other similar unsavoury characters.

So, what if a former child who has recently been making a living on reality TV shows, independent horror movies and movie convention appearances decides to speak up about the abuse he suffered as a child and possible pandemic levels of abuse towards minors in the film industry? No one seems quite as eager to jump on the #kids2 movement, because hell, Woody Allen and Roman Polanski are still largely accepted by the industry despite overwhelming evidence against them as abusers, maybe the blame will lie too close to some people doors.

But surely no one could believe that a multi-billion dollar industry awash with child stars could be immune from the reach of paedophiles?

So, why can't Corey Feldman make a film highlighting the abuse he suffered without a malicious backlash about money grabbing and the exploitation of his deceased friend‘s abuse, is it because he's too wacky or because the can of worms he's trying to spill will stain Hollywood forever?

That wackiness also extends to the distribution of the film. Corey's documentary will show 'for one time only' in a worldwide viewing party on March 9th 8PM PST/11PM EST/4AM GMT (Tickets will go on sale February 22 from on

We sincerely hope that the documentary is a genuine and heartfelt attempt to kick start the #kids2 movement and, in turn, Feldman is revered for his work.


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