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French Horror for Halloween: Top 5

In the early 2000s French extremity made a comeback and and took it to the, well… extreme. A good dollop of blood, pain and torture mixed with the dulcet French accent took the world by storm. Nothing was hotter in the horror film industry at the time and most directors were quickly shipped off to Hollywood for questionable studio movies. Horror, more than any other genre, lends its self to those who have trouble with subtitles by displaying most of its narrative through hellish visuals.

Here’s our favourites…

High Tension / Haute Tension directed by Alexandre Aja

A young Frenchwoman travels out to the country to visit her family and brings along her friend Marie. Soon after they get settled in the secluded home, Alex's parents are brutally attacked by a psychotic truck driver, who proceeds to stalk the two women as well. When the killer kidnaps Alex in his truck, Marie hides in the back to try and rescue her, but the bloodshed is far from over.

Alexandre Aja went on to direct the well made remake of the The Hills have Eyes.