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A staple of Leicester Square on a usually blazing hot August Bank Holiday is a dark formation of film fanatics dying to get into the cool darkness of a cinema to watch a four day extravaganza of the newest indie horror films.

Since its inception in 2000, Frightfest has gone from an odd weekend of pleasure for horror fan-boys to a world renowned film festival. With premieres of Land of the Dead (along with George A. Romero), and the UK premiere of Pan’s Labyrinth, along with a plethora of less well known directors and films making a splash on the scene, festival masterminds Paul McEvoy, Ian Rattray and Alan Jones have made a home for horror.

But, alas, this year the Leicester Square tourists will be free to walk the streets without having to explain a Texas Chainsaw Massacre T-shirt to their children or overhear ‘dude, when that guy