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At home with Glenn Danzig: Look inside Misfits star's dirty toy-strewn house

Warning, Mrs. Hinch would keel over if she saw the inside of this house

Former Misfits singer Glenn Danzig is one of the most mysterious rockstars ever. We know little about him, apart from he loves the Occult, takes himself very seriously, and his house is an absolute shit tip.

Out of date cereal lies abandoned alongside skull-shaped homeware that looks like it was robbed from a local Poundshop. Piles of unopened action figures lean against mildewed walls, the smell of damp books left to rot on a bookcase overpowers you as you tread gingerly over unidentified debris on musty carpets. Are you in a crackhouse? No. Well come to Casa Glenn Danzig.

The former Misfits singer, 65, is one of the most mysterious rockstars ever. We know little about him, apart from he loves the Occult; stands a compact and muscly 5"3; takes himself VERY seriously; and he 100% has never ever ever ever EVER eaten his own semen.

April 2019: One hell of a month for Glenn Danzig

We also knew his address, 4544 Franklin Ave, Los Feliz, CA, and a few years ago it went on the market for $1.2m.

What a fantastic opportunity to see how the legend lives! Imagine if his decor was all crushed silver velvet like a Towie star's pad? Will there be curtains and matching pelmets? Dado rails? Live Love Laugh on the wall?

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Danzig's house looks suitably creepy for the Devil-loving punk
"Welcome to my crib"

No, none of that. His house, which was "sold as seen" was an absolute tip. Some nosy fans broke in and filmed the inside - hard to believe this was in 2017 and not 1997 judging by the state of the footage - but you get an idea for the clutter that was being sold along with the house.

The house was bought in 1989 for $275,002, so he was making a HUGE profit on the property. Maybe he thought that he could replace all this abandoned tat with better, newer tat?

Photos of the inside the four-bed house also appeared online, some of which we have shared below...

A selection of collectables lay dumped next to a chipped skirting board
These are the same bookcases that appeared in the legendary video of him showing off his books about the Devil
This definitely looks like it was from the Poundshop
A black kitchen - very Danzig - Frankenberry cereal - he probably pours salt on it before eating it
The legendary (but mysterious) 'pile of bricks' outside his house
I won't lie, 14 year old me would have LOVED this (OK, 37 year old me does too)
Pretty likely to say the mirror on that wardrobe has seen a few things

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