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Can you manifest money, sexiness and power by listening to hours of chanting on YouTube?

manifestation, youtube, chakra, cleansing, law of attraction
I may or may not have listened to most of these...

Imagine waking up rich, or irresistible to the opposite sex, or oozing with Lord Alan Sugar's businessman prowess? OK maybe not the last one, but imagine going to work and people listening to you, and treating you like a boss.

If YouTube is to be believed, any of these things could be a reality if you set your mind to manifestation mode, and hurry things along by listening to hours of wind chimes, panpipes, synth and empowering mantras as you nod off.

Reading the titles, which include Manifest Miracles! Attract Abundance and Wealth! Law of Attraction Music! Unblock Your Chakras While You Sleep! you can almost smell the joss sticks.

I'm not ashamed to say that I've listened to HOURS of these videos while I'm asleep. However, I'm not writing this blog post from a yacht moored in the South of France; don't have lust-struck men begging me to "send nudes"; and I'm not dishing out menial tasks to an army of adoring personal assistants, so do these videos actually work?

Most people would say "no", but as a believer in the Law of Attraction (after being introduced to it by to my friend Fran, who you can follow on Instagram here), I think it does. For those who aren't familiar with it, the idea behind it is that if you think negatively, negative things will happen, and the opposite is true, too.

Similarly, when I first had reiki, my healer (who was wearing head to toe orange and had orange lipstick on, she was all about the Sacral Chakra) told me that bad energy can stick to us like fluff on velcro, and that's why it's so important to stay positive as much as possible - it'll help those negative vibes bounce right off.

Once you've got a coating of negative energy on you the bad stuff will keep coming in quick succession - when it rains, it pours.

money manifestation, youtube, law of attraction, make money video
Some of the videos just feature noises designed to clear your chakras rather than empowering statements on repeat

It's not always easy to keep a PMA, especially in the modern world, and some people simply can't do it as they're energy vampires, but I believe that listening to manifestation YouTubes can definitely give you a boost without you realising or more importantly, making any particular effort.

Subliminal messaging is a powerful tool, but it's not just used by unscrupulous brands and advertisers to make you buy more of what you don't want or need - these videos use similar tactics to plant positive seeds in your brain that help you wake up feeling more energised and enthusiastic about the day ahead.

It's no secret that confidence is one of the sexiest attributes a person can have. Even if they're "conventionally unattractive", if they're happy in their own skin or getting on with things and living their life as they want, people are naturally drawn to them. If you speak with confidence at work, or with conviction and passion, people are more likely to listen to you.

Manifesting money though... that takes a bit more than just thinking highly of yourself.

manifest, law of attraction, money, attract abundance
Some of the passionate comments on YouTube

A scroll through the comments of some of these "Attract Abundance" videos would have you believe that when you wake up your bed would have transformed in to a gilded four-poster, or that a butler will be hovering over you with a cuppa served in gaudy Versace chinaware (which I'm obsessed with BTW, it's incredible in its ugliness).

"Manifesting the world's vilest crockery, BRB"


Another says: "I am having some goosebumps, the universe responded... I was just listening to this for less than an hour."

I wish I was able to say that I was earning huge sums of cash by just "thinking rich", but that hasn't happened for me - yet.

What I can confirm is that the other day after listening to one of these videos I found an Oyster card on the floor with £5.40 on it.

And if that's not proof these videos work, I don't know what is.


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