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MASTER OF SOCK PUPPETS:BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAd were based on Kirk and James from Metallica

Remember when Metallica were fun? No? Well they were. Once upon a time, the biggest band on the planet, were just metal nerds like the rest of us.

We stumbled upon a video of Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield, just fresh faced goof balls, discussing the sock situation upon the tour bus during the Master of Puppets tour. Judging by the constant sniggering throughout we are almost certain this was the basis of Beavis and Butthead.

Kirk and James, complete with original teeth and full volume mullets, revel in the hilarity of tour life whilst dealing with adolescent issues. Huhuhhuhuhuhu.

It was heady times for the band but they could not catch a break on the sock front until their management (read: mums) got involved.

KIRK HAMMETT: “It’s because we use to always get our socks mixed up with each other, ya know? SNIGGER You’d go into tour with 10 perfect sets of socks and you come out of tour with all mis-matched socks and so…”

JAMES HETFIELD: “One blue, one green, one stretched…”

KIRK HAMMETT: “People would lose socks so we’d go on stage with just one sock on.”


I think we can all concede that Some Kind of Monster would have been far better had James brought in psychologist Phil Towle over his missing socks. My prediction would be that they would find all the missing socks tucked down the side of Lars’ bunk, crispy and stiff.

Sadly at 08:15 in the video Lars comes on with all his serious bullshit. Where’s your sock anecdotes Lars? Not got any because you’re thinking about people stealing your music.


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