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'superstar' priest, 83, performs exorcisms in chilling documentary

Franciscan Father Cataldo Migliazzo carries out mass exorcisms every Tuesday night

If you're in need of some quarantine inspo, then this fascinating (and terrifying) documentary about the Catholic church's oldest exorcist might be just what you need...

A woman shrieks and convulses as a priest sits back and watches from behind a desk, warning her to "be careful" as she throws herself on to the ground.

But this isn't an audition for a play in a local church hall, this is footage filmed at a real life EXORCISM.

Documentary DELIVER US (Liberami) was released in 2016, and follows the work of Franciscan Father Cataldo Migliazzo, now aged 83, who is one of Sicily's most notorious exorcists.

At the mass exorcisms, there can be tens of people asking for spiritual freedom

In fact, his skills are so in demand that he performs group purgings during special exorcism-designated masses every Tuesday night.

Footage from these special services feature in the trailer for DELIVER US (Liberami).

At the start of the mass he tells the congregation that there are "six, seven or eight possessed people here at the moment".

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Then, he begins his sermon, reading: "I am talking to you, Satan, Prince of Darkness.

"I curse you, I chase you out of my life."

As his words echo through the chapel, a woman begins to yell and groan from the pews.

The priest tells orders them to be quiet as other priests run over to them and grapple them in to the aisle.

"I refuse you Satan cursed and lying spirit. Go away Satan. I chase you out of my life," he continues as people cry and shake.

One man bites at thin air and growls as a boy silently weeps in the arms of his concerned parents.

Things escalate further, with a woman held down as she has flour thrown in her face, and another woman growls and spits as she rolls on the carpet.

One man is held down with a crucifix across his face as he snarls at the clergymen surrounding him.

Director of the film Federica Di Giacomo told POV Magazine that despite the film feeling like it is set in the past, the issues are very much of the present day.

The subtitles make it even creepier

She said: "The phenomenon (of possession and exorcism) is really contemporary. The film is about the future more than the past.

"This is a growing phenomenon, and it is something that is becoming bigger."

The Catholic church nominates priests to become exorcists, and arranging special training courses for them.

But it's not only becoming more in demand in Italy, with French dioceses installing at least one exorcist, and in Spain, the archdiocese of Madrid is desperately trying to fill seven additional positions.

In Rome and Milan alone, the number of exorcists has grown from six to 12, and the Church has set up an emergency call centre.

The film meets people from all walks of life who believe they are subject to demonic interference

In the US, the number of exorcists has increased tenfold over the last few years, with more and more people seeking spiritual cleansing and counsel.

Federica is staying open minded about if people are actually possessed or just mentally unwell.

She said: "It’s difficult for me to think about one entity called Satan that is possessing you.

"But it’s also difficult for me to think that everything is psychological disease, and there is no spiritual disease.

"As the priests said to me, people go to the psychiatrist, they go to the magician, they go to other kinds of healers, and they spend a lot a lot of money.

"When they finish the money, they go to the priests.”

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