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Britain's Black-eyed children terror: Haunted woods, pubs and selfies

For a good year, THIS was the news (if you read the Daily Star)

What are Black-Eyed Children, and should we be afraid of them? These demonic entities had the UK in a vicelike grip of fear back in 2014. Ah the good old days...

Cast your mind back to 2014 when you couldn’t leave the house without coming face to face with a terrifying Black-Eyed Child... well if you read the Daily Star.

It was a wild summer, with more and more people claiming to have had unnerving run-ins with pale children who had sunken black holes instead of eyes.

black eyed kids, BEK
BEKs weren't just terrifying Britain - this 'plague' was GLOBAL

Soon it seemed they were popping up everywhere. Backstage at Strictly Come Dancing, at the pub, and even in Christmas trees. One Chinese social media star kicked off after a Black-Eyed Child photobombed one of her selfies. They were everywhere!

As moral panics go, it was a belter, and for me personally even more enjoyable than 2016’s ‘creepy clown craze’, and last year’s ‘vicious seagull hostile takeover’.

TBH it looks like she's given birth to a Black-Eyed Child

But who were these mysterious youngsters? Were they human? Or were they alien beings?

Eyewitnesses describe them as being aged between 6 and 16, and travelling in small groups or alone. Encounters usually involve them asking a lone adult for a favour - to use their phone, or bathroom, ask for a lift, or something to eat.

Black eyed kids, BEK
YULE be sorry

They turn up in deserted parking lots or on the doorstep, unannounced and always at night. Nothing seems awry about them to start with - until you notice their eyes are completely black, no iris, or pupil, or sclera... where their eyes should be is a pitch black void - and that’s when the fear sets in.

When they notice that you’ve noticed this, they become aggressive and hostile. Some people also claim that they can use a form of mind control to make you comply with their wishes. Very few people know what happen if they 'get' you. Some claim they suck your soul right out of you, or you simply vanish in to thin air.

This would make sense, perhaps they are hybrids?
This was a taster of the 2016 CREEPY CLOWN CRAZE - another iconic British moral panic

Stories of Black-Eyed Children first came about in 1998, when a Texan journalist called Brian Bethel recalled a meeting with two of them outside a cinema.

They wanted him to drive them home so that they could get money to watch Mortal Kombat. He refused then found himself almost letting them in his car, as if he was under mind control. More accounts followed, all of them as sinister and unnerving.

But they weren’t just bothering Americans, they were causing fear and confusion in the UK, too. Below is a video claiming to show one of the little blighters caught on camera in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire - where a seven year old girl was murdered.

According to the Daily Star, these malevolent entities have also been seen haunting Caroline Flack backstage at Strictly Come Dancing; taken over a pub and making it impossible to sell; and attached themselves to a newborn baby.

While their existence has been debated by the paranormal community, with some claiming they're a total hoax, others saying they are aliens, others arguing that they are demonic, there is another explanation for them - and it is even more chilling.

The Iroquois Indians believed in two kinds of energy, Orenda, which was a positive force, and Otkon, a broad term for the negative and evil energy that could possess, destroy and be focused as a weapon against people, objects and animals.

Black death! Black-eyed children! Coronation Street! Name a more British trio... we'll wait
100% legit evidence
All the evidence you need that they are 100% real

According to I Never Sausage A Place, some historical accounts state that the Mohawks of the Mohawk Valley believed strongly in the existence of Witchcraft and those who wielded the negative power of Otkon were often said to be influenced by the “Evil Minded One”.

The website explains: "This dark archetype was a Satan like being who some said took the form of a reptilian snake man. It was said that the 'Evil Minded One' was trying to manifest itself in human form and often tried mating with unsuspecting Iroquois woman.

"Get out! We don't serve spirits here!"
black eyed kids
Caroline Flack attacked
At least this makes them easier to spot when they are on the cusp of attacking you

"The result of this union was a possessed offspring with black eyes and pale, chalky skin. A black eyed infant was usually killed at birth by tribal elders and burned to prevent resurrection.

"These black eyed kids or BEK’s as they are called in modern times, often never lived past a day or two after they opened their eyes.

"Other times, unlucky Iroquois children who found themselves lost or alone in the woods, were easy targets for the 'Evil Minded One' to project Otkon into. Children would wander from the tribe and come back empty, with black eyes replacing their once normal eyes.

"It was said that the 'Evil Minded One' had stolen their Orenda and replaced it with Otken and they were now his loyal servants, doing his bidding and infecting other children with Otkon.

YouTube's comments section are full of terrifying accounts of further BEK encounters
'I have read over 4000 UFO books' - hmmm bet you're a laugh

"The Black Eyed Kids were said to be peculiar acting, repeated themselves frequently and paced around nervously. These evil Black Eyed Kids, caused havoc amongst their tribe as their goal was to destroy it with Otkon."

Are BEK's trying to destroy modern Britain, or is there another explanation?


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