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Jeffrey Dahmer greetings card perfect for birthday, Valentines, friendship & more

It was a sad day at Sinister Isles HQ this week when we were notified that our BEST SELLING Jeffrey Dahmer greetings card had been removed from our etsy store!

Apparently, the card 'incites violence' - despite it having a pure message of love and friendship. It's actually the second time Jeffrey Dahmer has got us in to trouble over the past few weeks... we were recently deleted from Instagram for posting too much Dahmer content. Insta seems to be banning a lot of True Crime accounts at the moment - and it did the same to our favourite French body modifier The Black Alien Project, too.

It was a shame, but don't worry, you can still buy the card below. Want to know what else we have coming up? Make sure you join our mailing list and never miss a post.

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Katie Docherty
Katie Docherty
Jun 20, 2023

this is absolutely disgusting oh my god you guys should be ashamed of yourselves

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