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Did Jeffrey Dahmer kill his grandma Catherine Dahmer? Death, house, what she knew of the murders

Jeffrey Dahmer lived with his grandmother Catherine for nine years
Jeffrey Dahmer lived with his grandmother Catherine in her West Allis home for nine years

One of the most harrowing elements of Netflix's new Jeffrey Dahmer series is how he killed and butchered men in the basement of his grandmother Catherine Dahmer's Wisconsin home.

He went to live with her after he left the army, and was living there until he moved to his own apartment in Milwaukee in 1990 - where he went on to kill eleven more men.

Who was Catherine Dahmer? How was she related to Jeffrey Dahmer?

Catherine Dahmer was the paternal grandmother of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. She was born on 29 October 1904 in Brigham, Iowa County, Winsconsin. She was the mother of his dad, Lionel Dahmer.

In 1933 she wed Herbert Walter Dahmer (born 21 August 1903), but he passed away age 67 on 24 May 1971.

How did Catherine Dahmer die? Did Jeff Dahmer kill his grandma?

Although he turned her humble home in to a butcher's shop, Jeff Dahmer did not kill his grandmother. Catherine died aged 88 on Christmas Day 1992, when Jeff was in prison. He was arrested for the final time on July 22, 1991.

However, fellow US serial killer Ed Kemper did murder his grandmother. He also killed his mum, and raped her head.

Where did Catherine Dahmer live?

Jeffrey Dahmer's grandmother lived at 2357 South 57th St. in West Allis, Wisconsin.

Can you visit Catherine Dahmer's house today?

According to Google Maps, her house is still standing. It is also listed on several dark tourism websites as somewhere to visit.

How long did Jeff Dahmer live with his grandma?

He lived with her for nine years, moving out in 1990. A year later he would be arrested.

Catherine Dahmer's house is still standing in 2022
Catherine Dahmer's house is still standing in 2022

What did Jeff Dahmer do in his grandmother's basement and who did he kill in West Allis?

Jeff Dahmer butchered at least four men in the underbelly of Catherine's home.

In 1987 he dismembered the body of Steve Tuomi, 25, in his grandmother’s basement. He killed him at the Ambassador Hotel in nearby Milwaukee but he claimed to have no recollection of his murder, telling police he must have beaten him to death in a drunken blackout. He removed his body from the hotel in a large suitcase, one of the many shocking scenes in the new Netflix series.

On January 16 1988, he murdered James Edward Doxtator, 14, at the West Allis property. That same year he killed Richard Guerrero, 22, on March 24. A year later, on March 25, 1989, he killed Anthony Lee Sears, 24.

What did Jeffrey Dahmer say about his grandma?

“I guess she’s what you could call a perfect grandmother, very kind, goes to church every Sunday, easy to get along with, very supportive, loving, just a very sweet lady.”

Did Catherine Dahmer know her grandson was a serial killer?

As Jeff lived with her when he was arrested for indecent exposure, and child sex assault charges, Catherine would have known that her eldest grandson was troubled. But, if we are going from what we have seen on Ryan Murphy's Netflix series, she was in denial that Jeff was gay, so might also have been able to ignore any other troubling signs of what he was really getting up to, and what was causing the terrible smells underneath her home.


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