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John Wayne Gacy's KFC death row meal and sickening last words before his 1994 execution

John Wayne Gacy death row dinner
John Wayne Gacy wanted a finger lickin' death

Have you ever pondered what your 'death row meal' would be? TBH if you're currently on this blog, which is basically about true crime and serial killers, the chances are that you have.

I personally veer between wanting a padana from Pizza Express, or £100 worth of Greggs polished off with a big bottle of San Pellegrino and some of those sickly white chocolate Ferrero Rocher Raffaellos. A spread fit for a queen.

As is standard practice, John Wayne Gacy was given the chance to choose his last meal before he was given the lethal injection on 10 May 1994. And he chose.... a bucket of KFC and chips.

I am sure that after 16 years on Death Row, eating bland slop for every meal, the mere thought of the Colonel's secret blend of herbs and spices would have been enough to make him beg for an execution date.

However, was he craving more than just that slippery herby chicken skin? He famously managed three KFC franchises in Waterlook, Iowa during the late 1960s. They were owned by his first wife's father, and no doubt he had plenty of fond memories of tucking in to buckets of the greasy meat whenever he fancied - perhaps he wanted to die knowing that the secret recipe was still the same?

Gacy also asked for 12 fried prawns, 450 grams of strawberries and a bottle of Diet Coke. And for dessert? He got the lethal injection.

John Wayne Gacy was put on Death Row in 1980
John Wayne Gacy was put on Death Row in 1980

On May 10 1994 (bizarrely, the same day that Jeffrey Dahmer was baptised in prison hundreds of miles away in Wisconsin) Gacy was laid on a gurney and hooked up to drips and tubes where heart-stopping chemicals would be pumped in to him. He was asked if he had any final words.

Was he sorry? To the 33 (known) victims, the families of the 22 killed men who had been identified, or to his own loved ones? To any of the hundreds of people whose lives had been destroyed or ruined forever by his disgusting lies and depraved behaviour? No.

He said with a sneer: "Kiss my ass!"


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