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The Sinister Isles Christmas gift guide 2019: Perfect presents for weirdos and freaks

Still in need of a perfect present for the macabre person in your life? Here's our top eight...

1. Candice Tripp Jewellery

Newcastle based artist, Candice Tripp, has a beautifully macabre back catalogue of odd artwork (a couple of which hang on the Sinister Isles office wall) but it’s the now extensive jewellery collection that tops our Christmas gift guide for 2019. With our favourite being the wonderfully cute Ook le Spook necklace pictured above. Spice up your neck, ears and wrists here!

2. Straight to Hell Toy co.

Still want to play with toys when you’ve got the house to yourself? Well, it’s time to dig the WWF wrestling ring out of your parents loft and start a serial killer royal rumble. Straight to Hell Toys allow you to collect all your favourite wrong 'uns including BTK, Aileen Wournos and Jim Jones – however, our favourite for the Royal Rumble has to be big Ed Kemper, the Big Show of his time. Start the rumble here!

3. Horror Christmas Jumpers

Thinking of buying a Christmas jumper for your loved one? Why not pop over to Shredder Apparel and buy a festive little number with a horror twist. What could be a more wintery scene than the Overlook hotel and that famous carpet. Wrap up warm here!

4. Scumbags and Serial Killers Tea Towel

This is our favourite stocking filler for Christmas, at a paltry £6 this fantastic tea towel features all your favourite scumbags and serial killers and no doubt, some visitors will think this is one of those very sweet school tea towels with faces of all the children in your spawn's class. Keep those dishes dry here!

5. Long Furbies

Right, I have little understanding of what is happening here but Emma seems to think the Long Furby is some sort of second coming of Christ. Reminiscent of an incarnation of The Thing and possibly needing to be on the wrong end of a flamethrower, these genetically deformed Furbies are slowly taking over instagram. Think what you will of them, they are here and they’re up to something sinister. Buy at your own risk here!

6. Dan Mumford Pet Semetary Print

Long term artist around the music scene, Dan Mumford, has had work adorning walls and t-shirts for many year but the evergreen artist has now put his talents to this awesome glow in the dark Pet Semetary print. Previously sold out, this site has 6 (six) left and one is already in the Sinister Isles basket so buy it very quickly!

7. Paperbacks from Hell

After the success of Grady Hendrix's best selling book Paperbacks from Hell, an encyclopedia of paperback artwork (buy it if you haven’t got it already), Valancourt Books has now released its second wave of 5 previously unavailable books from the pages of Paperbacks from Hell. No need to read the synopsis of these bad boys, just jump right in and enjoy the read. Spice up your bookshelves here!

8. DÝRI WHITE (Reindeer Beast Candle)

"I can feel myself rotting!" screams this lovely candle as its waxy flesh drops from its skeleton. It’s just perfectly grim. Light up your room here!


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