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Given the chance, which case would you chose to be solved? 100%, no arguing, no controversy - solved! Let's say if you wanted to, you could even peek back in time and see what happened for yourself (if that isn't too grisly for you). Maybe you want to see if an Owl did in fact attack Catherine Peterson, see who followed the boys into Robin Hood Hills woods in West Memphis or keep tabs on Steven Avery during the day Theresa Halbach went missing. Full details of the cases below.

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1. The Staircase

Made infamous by the true crime documentary of the same name - The staircase - is the murder or accidental death or owl attack which resulted in the death of Catherine Peterson. After lengthy trials Michael Peterson was convicted before taking an Alford Plea where he was released after claiming his innocence but acknowledging that there was enough evidence to convect him.

2. Tupac

Possibly the most famous rapper of all time, Tupac Shakur was gunned down whilst travelling in convoy in Las Vegas. No one has ever faced charges for the murder but internet rumours are rife that a big name rapper ordered the hit.

3. Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox became more famous than her victim who was a British student Meredith Kercher and the case became a did she/didn't she rather than a who did. Lying to the police and accusing others led her to become the focus of the investigation. She briefly went to prison alongside then boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito and known burglar Rudy Guede but subsequently the conviction against Knox and Sollecito was acquitted and she returned to the US. The Kercher family still remain in the dark at what actually happened that night.

4. Atlanta Monster

Wayne Williams was arrested, charge and convicted of 2 murders but suspected of over 23 others. However, the innocence of Williams has long been disputed and a cover up of KKK activities has been suspected.

5. WM3

Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jesse Misskelly were convicted of the slayings of three 8 year old boys, Michael Moore, Steven Branch and Christopher Byers. After a star studded campaign to release the three they took an Alford plea and were released in 2011. Close family members have been accused, although some believe the original convictions were just, but no further official investigation has occurred since the threes release.

6. Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson's seven and half months pregnant wife Laci Peterson went missing around Christmas Eve 2002. The unborn fetus and remains of his wife were found in two different locations on the San Fransisco bay, over 80miles from the Peterson's home. A single hair found on a pair of pliers in Scott Peterson's car alongside circumstantial evidence got him the death penalty but questions remain if the verdict was correct.

7. Jack the Ripper

In 1888 in Whitechapel area of London a killer was on the loose, murdering 5 sex workers and badly mutilating their bodies. Over a hundred years later people still theorise over the mad man's identity.

8. Making a Murderer

The murder of Theresa Halbach was the centre of the smash hit netflix documentary Making a Murderer. One time wrongly convicted inmate Steven Avery was alleged to have murdered Halbach and burned her body on his property. But a botched investigation and the fact that he had a multi-million wrongful conviction case against the state.

9. Adnan Syed

The first blockbuster podcast Serial focused on former highschool sweet hearts Adnan Syed and Hae Min Lee. Lee went missing after leaving Wood Lawn High School in 1995 and was subsequently found buried in a shallow grave. Jay Wilds, a 'friend' of Adnan's fessed up to burying the body after Syed had murdered her in a Best Buy parking lot and Syed was sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years. Wilds' story has changed numerous times over the year and new witness statements led to the case being overturned and a new trial ordered before a higher court denied the motion.

10. The Black Dahlia

The infamous story of the Elizabeth Short - dubbed The Black Dahlia by the press - was a grisly murder in crime ridden down town Los Angeles that shocked the US. An aspiring actress she had moved to the California in search of stardom but her body was found severed in two in an unused lot. The investigation was hampered by more than 60 confessions to the crime which remains unsolved.

11. Zodiac

The zodiac killer taunted police in the DECADE with his cryptic clues and media bating. Still unsolved, Ted Cruz is as likely a suspect as anyone else.

12. OJ Simpson

Maybe the most conclusive case on the list, but one that is still played out in TV dramas and documentaries 30 years later. It seemed all but case closed as OJ led the police in his white TRUCK in a televised chase. But at trial the defense worked the system and got OJ off to the dismay of the country.

13. Carol Baskin's Husband

A brand new entry into the murder mystery world, Carol Baskin of the hit documentary Tiger King, is accused by most of the internet of killing her husband and feeding him to her tigers. His disappearance in YEAR has gone unsolved with Baskin claiming that he was flying to south America at the time and likely he was lost at sea when his plane came down.

14. Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCan disappeared from a Portuguese holiday complex in 2007. Her parents were having dinner with friends at the time Maddy and her siblings were sleeping in the apartment. Millions of pounds from the UK government has gone into the search but a huge number of odd behaviours has led the general public to point the finger at the parents.

15. Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber was imprisoned for life after his adoptive parents, sister and his two young nephews were found dead at their farm house home. His sister a schizophrenic was the first suspect after being found next to a rifle with an open bible at her side. An aggrieved ex pointed the finger at Bamber and the family who would benefit from a large inheritance turned on him in court.

16. Jonbenet Ramsey

7 year old Jon Benet was found dead in the basement of her home after her parents found a 3 page ransom note from 'a small Russian faction' demanding $1 million. The family closed ranks as they were investigated and no charges were ever filed.


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