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How tall is Ed Kemper? Massive serial killer's height in feet and cms

Ed Kemper is one of the tallest serial killers in history
Ed Kemper is one of the tallest serial killers in history

Ed Kemper is an absolute beast of a man - and not only because he was responsible for killing (and in some cases, the kidnapping, rape, murder and dismemberment) of ten women, including his own mother and grandmother.

The Co-Ed Killer is one of the biggest serial killers in history, towering over everyone he encountered, from his female victims to the police officers who eventually arrested him and the guards who escorted him to his trial and later to prison.

The way that he dwarfed the other people in court when he faced a jury on eight counts of murder in October 1973 show the striking difference in size between him and the average American of that time. In comparison, Jeffrey Dahmer's height would have barely brought him to Ed Kemper's shoulder.

Here's all we know about the height and weight of Ed Kemper...

How tall is Ed Kemper in feet and inches?

Ed Kemper stands a humongous 6 feet 9 inches tall.

How tall is Ed Kemper in metres and cms?

Ed Kemper is a 2.06 metres tall, or 206 cms.

How tall were Ed Kemper's parents?

His dad Edmund Kemper Jr was 6'8", and his mum Clarnell Stage was 6'0".

What was said about how tall Ed Kemper is?

Dary Matera, who wrote a brilliant book about Kemper commented that had he taken a different path, he could have been a millionaire athlete. Speaking to Ed Kemper Stories, the author said: "[Kemper] was taller and stronger than 90 percent of the highly paid NBA players of his time. If he wasn’t athletic, he still could have used his size and strength to become a blocking offensive guard in football, possibly channeling his internal rage and making it all the way to the NFL. He could have lived a happy, lucrative celebrity life. Instead, he chose to hack up young women. Boggles."

Is Ed Kemper still alive?

Ed Kemper is still alive, he is incarcerated at California Medical Facility in Vacaville which deals with criminals who are living with severe mental health issues.

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Wild Fire
Wild Fire
Apr 07, 2023

What did his mother do to him??

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