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Ed Kemper’s brother fears he will hunt him down and kill him if he is ever released

Ed Kemper's brother David Webber lives in fear of the 6ft 9 murderer
Ed Kemper's brother David Webber lives in fear of the 6ft 9 murderer

Ed Kemper's brother lives in fear that his huge murderous sibling will use his super intelligence to bargain his way out of prison - and come looking for him.

Kemper, who towers over the average man at 6ft 9, was jailed for life after he was found guilty of killing eight women in an eleven month killing spree in the early 1970s.

He was dubbed the co-ed killer as five of his victims were university students. One was a high school student. His last two victims were his mum, Clarnell Stage, and finally, her best friend.

He murdered his mum as she she slept then cut off her head and raping it. He also threw her vocal cords in the sink waste disposal, but when the gristly matter was spat back out he took it as her getting in one last nag.

Beheading his victims was standard for Kemper, who admitted he got a sexual thrill from hearing the heads "pop" off. It was something that probably reminded him of his childhood, and the thrill he had from removing the heads from the dolls of his two younger sisters.

Clarnell was apparently so concerned about teenage Ed - and worried he would rape his siblings - that she shipped him off to live with his estranged father, also called Ed. It was a disastrous decision, and his dad also didn't want him around, claiming that he was making his new wife and family uneasy.

Ed Jr was moved away to live with his paternal grandparents - who he shot dead, aged 15.


In the build up to their murders, he continued his secret pastimes of killing animals and beheading them - something he had mastered by butchering pets and destroying his younger sister's dolls.

But one day an innocuous comment from his grandma during a typical minor squabble made his temper bubble up to a whole new danger zone. He grabbed a shotgun and blasted her in back of the head. As he was standing over her body, his grandad pulled up in the drive. Ed later said that he was so worried about the old man witnessing such horror, he decided that it would be kindest to shoot him, too.

Later, he chillingly said he "just wanted to see what it felt like to kill grandma".

Understandably this act of unspeakable horror has forever haunted the Kemper family, and his half-brother - who now goes by the name David Weber - says they fear his release from jail in case he hunts them down.

Although Kemper, now 72, was given eight life sentences when he was jailed in 1973, he has an incredibly high IQ of 145 and some fear he could use his intelligence to manipulate a parole board into setting him free.

In a rare interview, he told the Daily Mail that Kemper - whose family nickname is ‘Guy’ - still scares his relatives, although some believe that he isn’t inherently bad, just unwell.

David said: “He has this control over the family, and there's still anger over what he did. So many people live in fear that he could be allowed freedom, you just can't trust what a President may decide. I don't want to live in fear, not be able to work or walk around, but other relatives are afraid to go to a restaurant or park, because of what happened, it's still there.

“There are several members of the extended family that have claimed they'd hunt Guy down and kill him if he ever got out. Mostly for killing my grandparents but also for hurting so many people while destroying our whole family unit. This is while feeling zero remorse for what he did.”


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