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One of Richard Ramirez's jury fell in love with him during his trial

Cindy Haden fell in love with Richard Ramirez - problem was, she was on the jury at his trial
Cindy Haden fell in love with Richard Ramirez - problem was, she was on the jury at his trial

We know about Richard Ramirez’s Middle Aged bride Doreen Lioy, and all the groupies who used to hang about his trial and write to him telling him how fit he was (there are similar shenanigans on our Insta whenever we post anything about him, give us a follow!), but there is another woman who fell under the spell of the handsome bit deadly Satantic rapist.

Do you remember the first time you ever saw Richard Ramirez? Cindy Haden will never forget... she was one of the jurors at his 1988 trial.

Like something out of Peep Show when Jez’s jury service goes in to murky territory after he starts dating the credit card fraudster whose trial he is sitting on, Cindy took a real shine to the Devil worshipping sodomising burglar.

She even sent him a cupcake on Valentine’s Day with ‘I love you’ written on top in icing.

Cindy was originally a back-up juror but was summoned on the bench when one of the primary jurors was dismissed. She was visibly thrilled, making Ramirez realise she could be an asset on the inside.

From there he started a mission of manipulation, giving her the eye and glancing longingly at her from across the courtroom.His best efforts to flirty were futile - he was found guilty on all charges and also sentenced to death.

Cindy fell in love with the handsome... um, murderer, rapist and Devil worshipper

As the verdict was delivered, Cindy gestured to him how sorry she was... but their inappropriate relationship didn’t end there.

Richard clearly wasn’t one to hold grudges as he invited her to visit him in prison - and like all girls when they meet a lovely new man, her mum and dad got an introduction, too.


Cindy told him that she had fallen deeply in love with him, and was soon making TV appearances claiming he was innocent and that he had been possessed by the Devil when he performed his terrible crimes, and did not deserve to be put to death.

Furthermore, she added that the lack of information disclosed to the court about Richard's brutal childhood and general dabblings in Satnism was evidence that her beloved, sweet Richard had been poorly represented - and now he would play the ultimate price... his life.

Don't just assume that Cindy had a wide-on for the Night Stalker, she was attracted to him mentally, too.

She said in one interview: “I sought out Rich to gain the answers to my questions. Why did he do this? Was it because he liked it, because he enjoyed it?

Even with Cindy on his side Richard Ramirez couldn't escape the death penalty
Even with Cindy on his side he couldn't escape the death penalty

“He has really opened my eyes to the darker side of the world. There are people who like to do these things, and they are ordinary looking citizens.

“I’ve heard it said before by other jurors, that if we had known what we later found out about him, maybe there wouldn’t have been the death penalty.”

However, despite her gushing feelings for him there was one thing she was certain of if he ever got out.

Cindy is sure that Ramirez (pictured in 2007) would have killed again if he was released
Cindy is sure that Ramirez (pictured in 2007) would have killed again if he was released

She said: “I think he would do exactly what did before. Like I have a job, you have a job, his job is killing people. It’s what he was trained to do.”

Hmmm, she seems to have forgotten that not everyone does their assigned job to the best of their abilities… like staying neutral when you’re a on the jury of a 13-count murder trial?


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