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Richard Ramirez tried to escape San Quentin prison wanting to kill again

Ironically, he would have found it easier to gain access to women's houses after his conviction

The Night Stalker was jailed in 1988, but five years later Richard Ramirez was itching to get back on the streets... and planned to escape using a syringe, biro, sticker and a key.

Richard Ramirez might have proved himself to be the MacGuyver of the criminal world if his first escape plan hadn't been foiled.

The Night Stalker terrorised California from 1984 to 1985, breaking in to people's houses after midnight, killing, raping and torturing his victims and often leaving Satanic symbols or phrases scrawled on the wall in lipstick.

But after his death in 2013, The New York Post revealed that twenty years prior, Ramirez had made a bid for freedom - but he clearly had high hopes for his hand to hand combat skills if his arsenal (literally ARSE) of weapons were anything to go by...

richard ramirez mug shot sexy
Richard Ramirez photographed in 2007, when he was 47

On September 21, 1993, when Ramirez was escorted back to San Quentin State Prison after appearing in a San Francisco court, a prison officer's metal detector started beeping around the blood-thirsty killer's buttocks.

An X-ray later revealed that he had inserted a handcuff key inside his rectum along with a ballpoint pen, a syringe and a sticker that read, “I Luv chocolate.”


Ramirez claimed that he needed the strange array of items for “self-defense” - but let's be honest, Macguyver could have rebuilt the Titanic using that haul (after kicking some iceberg ass).

However, one source told The NY Post that the junk draw bits and bobs were part of the twisted serial killer's plan to feign an illness so he could be taken to a hospital off prison grounds with just two cops keeping an eye on him.

richard ramirez sexy
Richard Ramirez captured the hearts of hundreds of women

Here, he'd spring his daring escape, using his animalistic tendencies to kill the guards before stealing a car and picking up where he left off.

The insider said: "Two cops is a lot better than 200 at the prison. He was then going to use the key to unlock the cuffs and go after the two cops.

“He would have then stolen a car and started to do his thing again."

The sourced added: “From the moment Ramirez came to San Quentin, it was in his mind to escape.

“If he went free, he would have killed a lot more people before the cops cut him down. That’s how he wanted it.

“Being incarcerated went against everything Ramirez was about. He hated being cooped up in a cell, but he valued his freedom to roam the streets and kill.”

Ironically, Ramirez wouldn't have been short of places to hide out. While he once broke in to women's houses, his reputation as a sexy serial killer meant lovestruck groupies would have willingly let him in - but would it have been a decision they lived to regret?


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