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Richard Ramirez ‘gouged out victim’s eye and had sex with socket’ claims killer’s teenage fan

Eva appeared on Sally Jesse Raphael to declare her love for Richard Ramirez
Eva appeared on Sally Jesse Raphael to declare her love for Richard Ramirez

Richard Ramirez, Satanic rapist with cheekbones you could crack eggs on, had legions of female fans - but it wasn’t just his model looks that got ‘groupies’ swooning... some found his evil antics the biggest turn-on.

The Night Stalker has gone down in true crime history for his after dark killing spree that saw him break in to houses, torture, rape and murder - and leave Satanic imagery scrawled in lipstick over the walls.

His 1985 arrest and highly publicised trial three years later saw him shoot to stardom, with women across the world claiming they could see something special in the dark eyed wrong’un, or that one glimpse of his moody mugshot had caused them to fall madly in love.


These days, serial killer groupies have the internet (and Sinister Isles’ Instagram comments) to share their thoughts, feelings and desires about convicted murderers, but in the 1990s, the only way they could release some of their lusty thoughts was by appearing on chat shows.

eva richard ramirez eye socket sex
Eva was so 2020 - anyone knows where she is now?

In this archive footage from an episode of Sally Jesse Raphael we meet 16-year-old Eva, who proudly tells the audience that she has been writing to Richard in San Quentin Prison as part of a school project.

They swap poetry, she blushes, adding that she found out how to write to him by calling up the prison and asking for the best address. Awww life before the Internet was so pure, huh?


The cocky schoolgirl then chirpily defends Ramirez’s antics, saying that “the world is over populated” and that the old woman he raped and killed “was going to die soon anyway.”

richard ramirez handsome smiling
You can't deny he was fit as fuck

The audience are shocked, and even Sally JR, a dour-faced hybrid of Anne Robinson and Jeremy Paxman, is taken aback.

But young Eva isn’t done yet.

Sally asks her, “the most strange murder? What did he do there...?”

She giggles: “That amazed me. I heard he broke in to someone’s house and ripped out her eye and had sex with her eye socket.”

It’s not clear if that was some insider intel direct from her prison penpal, or if it was reported elsewhere at the time.

TBH as disgusting as that is I can kind of understand why the strange teenager was infatuated with someone so evil - after all, at that age I was similarly obsessed with Dennis Nilsen, another sex fiend with terrible teeth and a huge ego.

I was never arsed to write him poetry, tho.


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