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Richard Ramirez 'puked up green liquid' when he was arrested

Richard Ramirez was scary enough when we knew him just as a serial rapist with amazing cheekbones, but cops' details of his arrest bring hellish new elements to his legacy of evil, claiming he vomited a mysterious green fluid when he was caught.

The cops who arrested Richard Ramirez will never forget capturing the terrifying serial Satanic rapist and murderer - but it's not just a brilliant thing to tell new people at parties - but as they believe they truly came face-to-face with evil.

Speaking to the Orange County Register, LAPD officer Jim Kaiser recalled meeting Ramirez, then 25, after he had been attacked by a mob of locals following a botched car-jacking attempt.

Ramirez was arrested after a car jacking went wrong
Ramirez was arrested after a car jacking went wrong

Police originally attended the scene following reports of a disturbance, and Ramirez was found drenched in sweat with a huge head wound pouring with blood.

Paramedics patched him up before locals recognised him from that day's newspapers - he was sadistic killer who had clocked up 16 brutal kills.

Once he was locked in the back of the police car, Kaiser recalls he started speaking,

telling the officer: “I’m going to be blamed for all the murders.”

But that isn't the only chilling memory he has of Ramirez. At the Hollenbeck police station, Ramirez vomited all over the car park as soon as the car door was open.


“It was green, like ‘The Exorcist,’” he said, referencing the 1973 movie about a child possessed by the Devil.

The gruesome sight made him think, “this guy is really evil,” and he tightened his handcuffs, perhaps concerned that he reveal a demonic strength and get away - or get him.

He told the paper: “I didn’t know what he was capable of. I looked straight in the eye of absolute evil. He had cold, black eyes. He was the ultimate manifestation of absolute evil.”

Ramirez's cold black eyes scared the hardened cops
Ramirez's cold black eyes scared the hardened cops

Ramirez then asked the spooked cop for a favour. He pleaded: “Put a bullet in my head. Let’s end it.”

Inside the station, detective Gil Carrillo had his own unnerving realisation about the handsome serial killer as he interviewed him about his crimes.

After ordering him to be uncuffed, he noticed that he was tracing out pentagrams on the table in front of him using his finger.

Carillo said: “He was the most vicious and vile person I had ever come in contact with."


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