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Horror-scopes: Is The Exorcist's Regan a true Scorpio?

Regan MacNeil Exorcist birthday
The demonic child certainly has a sting in her tail... but what other Scorpio traits has she got?

Believe it or not, setting yourself the task of analysing fictional characters' birth charts is not as easy as say, training for a marathon, or learning Russian - least of all as these 'people'/undead murderers/demonic entities aren't real and haven't set up a cruddy cheap clothing brand on Instagram which means I can easily discover their D.O.B by looking them up on Companies House (journo trick of the trade there).

However, some films have a birthday party or birth at the heart of the story, The Exorcist being one.

Recently, my friend Sarah and I went to watch the stage adaption of William Friedkin's tale of possession, self-loathing, doubt, grief and backwards-crabs-down-stairs at the Theatre Royal in Windsor. We are still 50/50 about whether it was a comedy, or just very bad, perhaps it was both.

When the Dominos turns up...

For people who aren't aware of how a birthday is a key point in The Exorcist, it's protagonist Regan MacNeil's father's failure to reach out on her birthday that allows Captain Howdy, the entity that lives in the family's rented home, to possess her.

It also means that we know she was born on November 11 1961 - she's a Scorpio.

Now Scorpios generally have a pretty bad rep for being moody, vengeful, and just generally a bit evil. So on the surface, she's already ticking the boxes - but let's take a closer look, with a little help from the astrology experts at Cosmo.

"Emotional, imaginative and intense, Scorpio is like the big, bad elder sister of the Water sign crew. You don’t mess with the turbulent, deadly scorpion my friend, their sting can be fatal" - she ruins her mum's dinner party and later kills a priest, tick.

"They are ruled by two planetary influences - Pluto (god of the Underworld) and Mars (god of War)… and that kinda’ sums them up. Dark and dangerous" - MASSIVE TICK.

"What are Scorpios into? Doing a Ouija board. They’re on good terms with Satan actually" - TICK TICK TICK.

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