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Horror-scopes: Leatherface, Virgo or nutcase?

Are there hidden depths to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre star?

It would be lazy to make Leatherface’s ‘analysis’ (yes, analysis) focus on the fact that he - a Virgo - kills virgins, but that’s just a nuance of horror films.

We could look at the way he’s a perfectionist, making sure each slice is as painful as possible, how years of practise with his trusty chainsaw have allowed him the strength and skill to carve through human flesh and bone with minimal effort, like a hot knife through butter.

Another angle could be how he’s industrious, he always finishes any task given to him, and hates loose ends - unless they’re tendons and veins dangling from a severed limb or sawn-off torso.

Astrology Zodiac Signs say men born under this sign “will be thankful for all sorts of fine tools that allow him to do something practical that needs to be done at that moment.”

Instead, let’s focus on Virgo’s ruling planet, Mercury which according to the same website claims it can mean that those born under this sign have a “double personality that can’t always be trusted.” Could this also apply to a mask made from human skin? YES.

Perfectionist or psycho... or just a Virgo?

For those not familiar with Leatherface, an origins story that came decades after Tobe Hooper’s 1974 slasher classic revealed he was born on August 27 1906 at the Blair Meat Co while his mum was mid-shift.

His mum, Sloane, died during childbirth, and her callous boss threw baby ‘Thomas’ in a bin to die alone. He was found by Luda Mae Hewitt, who took the deformed baby home to raise as her own.

As he grew up it became clear that he had severe learning difficulties and was mute. As if that wasn’t enough to get him bullied, his face was so deformed and covered in tumours that it was decided that he should wear a mask so people had one less thing to bully him for.

Look who's come for dinner

But as is the current buzzword on Instagram, Thomas truly found his “tribe” with the Hewitts, who despite swapping their jobs at the abatoir for a life of crime still made time for family dinners - as poor Sally Hardesty found out…

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