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Robert the Doll: The real life Chucky locked in a glass case

Robert the Doll is the original Chucky... you've been warned!

Not many people bother with writing letters these days (sadly) - so to make the effort to put pen to paper and write a pleading letter of apology to a DOLL... something weird is going on.

Take a photo of Robert the Doll without his permission and you will be cursed - and so will everyone else who was with you when you visited him.

Now located at East Martello Museum in Florida, the 3-ft tall sailor doll is locked away in a glass case that is surrounded by letters posted to him by previous visitors begging forgiveness for snapping a pic of him without asking first.

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Robert the Doll is now locked away at a museum in Florida

But how did this doll - the inspiration behind Child's Play baddie Chucky - end up here?

Legend has it that a wealthy American family sacked their child’s nanny after discovering her practising black magic in the back garden.

Before she left, she gave the lad a 3-ft high doll that he named after himself, Robert.

However, legend has it that it wasn't long before he tearfully demand he be called by his middle name, Gene... Robert was the doll’s name.

The weirdness didn't end there, with adults overhearing little 'Gene' having long conversations with the doll, and they even found him cowering in a corner as the doll seemed to glare at him, angrily.

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This is one very intense letter of apology and warning

Strange things started happening, and they were all Robert’s doing, pleaded little Gene.

Still he was punished, and eventually the doll was taken from him and locked in the attic.

Years passed, and the doll was forgotten – until it threatened the new owners of the house with a kitchen knife (he was found at the end of their bed with a knife next to him, freaky!).

Robert's official backstory is that he was a gift for the real Robert from his grandfather, who brought him back from Germany in 1904.

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