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It's a common misconception that Aquarius is a water sign - it's not, it's an air sign with Gemini and Libra

Chucky is a doll, but his soul is that of crook Charles Lee Ray, who was born on 24 January 1950.

Astrology Zodiac Signs says that when it comes to people born on this date, "there is a strong energy of the past tied to this date, and no matter how much the person tries to outrun it, it turns out to be impossible to overcome in any way that doesn’t involve work and sacrifice."

How I translate this: He's a killer toy now, but all he wants is to be a man again. And that involves a LOT of killing - and running about, which must be tiring when you're a 2.5 ft-tall plastic doll.

Charles, before he became Chucky the world's most iconic ginger bar Sarah Ferguson

Aquarians are often portrayed as the weirdos of the zodiac, with a strong interest in the esoteric and occult. Charles, when he was shot, used the Heart of Damballa Amulet to transport his soul in to the body of a nearby Good Guy Doll and escape arrest. That's a TICK.

Actually, the fact that he's got that Good Guy exterior feeds in to what the planet boffins at Cosmo have to say about Aquarius men.

"Treat him like your best friend, who you love but sometimes get SO annoyed with. After all, he treats everyone like his friend, including you, so it only makes sense".

He's the creative weirdo of the zodiac that Aquarius

Fans of the films - including the Millennialised 2019 one - might be reminded of the doll's catchphrase, "Hi, I'm Chucky, and I'm your friend 'till the end!"

The Cosmo gang also reveal aspects of Aquarius man's approach to romance that might ring a bell, particularly for Tiffany, his devoted girlfriend he murdered and trapped in doll form forever with him.

Poor Chucky is always haunted by his past... when he was a normal, evil human

What's more devoted than spending eternity as a pair of murderous doll?

"Your relationship with him has a very complex dynamic—it feels like you’re with your bestie most of the time, but there’s a very real sense of love and affection as well. You won’t be getting a dreamy fairytale romance, but his long-lasting love and dedication to you promises you’ll still get your happy ending!"

Well there won't actually be a 'happy ending' in the massage parlour sense of the word... let's not forget his bits are made from RUBBER.

Regardless of if you answered yes or no, here are some fun Child's Play DVDs and merchandise available right now on Amazon...

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Mar 18, 2022

dolls r scay from chucky


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