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Watch Ruth Ellis 'flirt' with Derek Acorah from beyond the grave

If you were a ghost, would you choose to spend eternity hovering around a south London nightclub that was modelled on the last days of Rome?

According to Most Haunted’s Derek Acorah, that is exactly what Ruth Ellis opted for after she was hanged on 13 July 1955 for the murder of her lover David Blakely.

The connection between the last woman to be executed in the UK and legendary Streatham nightclub Caesars was first revealed in an episode of Most Haunted... which sometimes starred Fred Batt. Who also owns Caesars.

He reveals that there are some parts of the club he is too afraid to enter, and that the staff - and him - leave the club when the customers do as they are too afraid to stay after dark.

Fred describes the atmosphere as “frightening”, adding: “I don’t like the feel of it at all. There is no way I would stay in here on my own.”

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When it was first opened, the club was known as the Locarno Dance Hall, and in 1948, Ruth worked there as a photographer’s assistant. While this might seem like a handy coincidence and the opportunity for a bit of mutual promotion, it was perma-tanned ghost botherer Acorah who revealed that the spirit of the 28-year-old had been jumping in Fred’s car after work and heading home with him.

Acorah said: “She’s not grounded in the club, she’s constantly in visitation. This woman travelled with you. She was interested in seeing where you were going and wanted to go in the big posh car.”

In the 2003 episode of Most Haunted, Derek not tells Fred and Yvette Fielding that he is in direct contact with Ruth Ellis, and bizarrely claims that she is FLIRTING with him.

After telling them he can see a “lady with white hair beautiful petite lady”, it seems she returns the compliment. He smirks that she is psychically saying to him “I like this suit, sharp.”

There were more Ruth bombshells to come, chiefly that she ’tells’ Derek “they haven’t got it right they haven’t got it right”, and mentally shows him that she only fired three bullets, not four.

Another bombshell was that she is now loved-up with David Blakely in the next life the couple having got their relationship back on track after death


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