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Sinister Isles radio: #2 Mr. Fritz lives in my Freak room

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Would you want this in your house!?

Most people wouldn't want a creepy ventriloquist's dummy's head in their house - and they certainly wouldn't keep it around after videoing it 'coming to life' in the middle of the night!

In the second episode of Sinister Isles Radio, we meet Michael Diamond, the current custodian of Mr. Fritz, a scary (and 'active') piece of wartime memorabilia that you'll never forget.

Last October, he released a video that showed the eerie head blinking on its own in the middle of the night. He set up a camera after noticing that Mr. Fritz's eyes were opened or closed, and his glass case was changing position or mysteriously opening, despite the door being a very snug fit.

Michael told us: "I treat him with respect...but I am wary of it. There is some sort of residual energy in it. I don't know if what's making him so active is that there is a spirit in visitation."

Until lockdown is lifted, Michael's plans to get some psychic pals over to try to communicate with Mr. Fritz is on ice - but we've asked him to update us when they do.

Some might say Mr. Fritz isn't the creepiest thing in Michael's 'Freak Room'. He's got ceremonial items, execution swords, bits of bone, witches' wands - and ceremonial bowls made from human skulls.

Find out more about Michael's Doctor Diablo's Sideshow on Facebook, YouTube, and his website.


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