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A celebration of Ted Hankey AKA darts' dracula

Ted Hankey is the coolest sportsman in the history of UK sports, and here's why...

If someone asked you to name an iconic British sportsman, darts player Ted 'The Count' Hankey probably wouldn't be top of your list. You'll never see him in an advert for pants, aftershave, scotch or some random Japanese products a la David Beckham... but you might see him down the graveyard.

I hope one day I end up as a talking head on a Channel 5 programme called 'Best British Sports Icons of All Time part 6' so I can preach my love for darts player Ted Hankey to the whole country.

Until that glorious moment in TV history/my life, I will reveal here why I have always been a bit obsessed with the vampire-loving Midlander.