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National Redhead day: Vote for your best horror ginger

ginger people in horror movies
Five fiery icons, but which is your favourite horror redhead?

November 5 is National Redhead Day! So what better way to celebrate than firing up a vote to decide once and for all who the baddest ginger horror baddie REALLY is?

They're all brilliant in their own way, but only one can wear the crown... who gets YOUR vote?

Read on to meet the contenders, and choose your winner.


"Don't fuck with the Chuck!"
"Don't fuck with the Chuck!"

He's the most famous horror doll in the world - sorry Annabelle - and some might say the most iconic redhead villain in cinematic history.

The star of the Child's Play series, Chucky is a fiery little fucker you don't want to mess with... unless you're his bleach blonde dolly bird, Tiffany.

Who can forget the immortal quip from Bride of Chucky when she sweetly asks him if he has a condom and he sneers, "my dick's made of rubber".

He's so cool, he's basically a ginger Fonzie. 'Ehhhhh'.

We recently revealed the horrible story behind the real life inspiration for Chucky, Robert The Doll. And, we explored his astrological profile to reveal just how much of an Aquarian weirdo he really is...



The best thing about Children of the Corn is the soundtrack, but coming a close second is... no, sorry it's not you Malachi.

The flame-haired adolescent zealot is definitely not someone you'd want to spend too much time with - unless you love the Bible, and hate adults.


"They're all gonna laugh at you!"
"They're all gonna laugh at you!"

If you're not jealous of her gorgeous strawberry blonde locks, you might envy her telekinetic powers, and terrifying ability to cause havoc with just one glance.

Stephen King created a high school heroine for the displaced and disenfranchised in Carrie White, and while she wasn't a real baddie, she certainly wasn't someone to mess with.

Carrie's mum was also a redhead not to cross (unless it was a crucifix, she liked those!)
Carrie's mum was also a redhead not to cross (unless it was a crucifix, she liked those!)

Just as dangerous was her equally unhinged mum Margaret, played in the 1976 Brian De Palma film (and the only one we acknowledge) by gorgeous Twin Peaks star Piper Laurie.

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree... well it seems the same can be said for oranges.

The Leprechaun

Leprechaun In Da Hood is the best film you've never seen (yet)
"A friend with weed, is a friend indeed. But a friend with gold, is worth more I'm told."

He speaks in rhyme ALL THE TIME, does magic, is a vision in green... and is filthy rich. Plus he has a flowing auburn mane that would even make a colour blind person look twice.

It's none other than Warwick Davis at his absolute finest, as iconic demonic imp, the Leprechaun.

Regardless of if you meet him in space (Leprechaun 4), or the club (Leprechaun 5 & 6) if you touch his gold, you're in BIG trouble.


"You'll float too!"
"I'll kill you all! Aha, I'll drive you crazy, and I'll kill you all! I'm every nightmare you've ever had."

He's the murderous shape-shifting undead clown that has left the good people of Derry scared for their lives - but is Pennywise the scariest redhead of the lot?

Bill Skarsgaard took the IT reins from Tim Curry and made him undeniably sexier. But would your lust for the hunky Swedish actor start a fetish that would ultimately lead you for a night away in the CLOWN MOTEL? (If yes, seek help).

Who is your favourite horror redhead? Vote in our poll below!


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