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Stan Romanek the controversial alien abductee who claims his hybrid kids visit him on Earth

stan romanek alien abduction hybrid children
Stan Romanek's claims have divide the UFOlogy community

There are a LOT of questions surrounding Stan Romanek, least of all if *that video* he filmed of an alien peeking through his living room window is real.

Like, was that child porn really planted on his computer by the US Government in a bid to discredit him? And has Stan Romanek REALLY fathered nine alien-human 'hybrid' children who live in outer space on another planet?

According to him and his wife, yes. And one of them even visited him on Earth after phoning him from another dimension. Extracts of the phone calls and grainy photos of an odd-looking little girl feature in his 2013 documentary film, Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story.

Stan firmly believes that he has been abducted by aliens scores of times, and that his videos of 'real-life' little grey men peeping through the windows and scuttling through the kitchen of his home are all the proof that's needed that he is being harassed by them.

kioma hybrid alien stan romanek
Stan Romanek was taking pictures of his cats, but later realised there was a child under the BBQ - is it Kioma the hybrid?

To look at, he is nothing more than an average 58-year-old man, but aliens see him as a super-stud, a Grade A specimen of human. This is why he has - according to him - been selected to be part of an intergalactic breeding programme that has made him a father of NINE hybrid kids.

Romanek, from Loveland, Colorado, claims the first visitation from his intergalactic spawn happened in May 2009, when he was unaware that he had been used as part of an extraterrestrial breeding programme. He says he started receiving strange long-distance calls from a robotic voice calling him 'Starseed'.

It was around this time that he said he unwittingly took a picture of a big-eyed child hiding under his barbecue. In September that year, he claims a phone call between him and his friend Heidi was 'hijacked' by the eldest of his mysterious spawn.

A crackling audio file featured in Extraordinary features the high-pitched voice of a child saying: "Daddy, don't worry, we're fine. It's too dangerous for us there right now. You couldn't protect us even if you wanted to.

"We didn't mean to interrupt your call but we thought you should know there are nine of us. Seven of the same, and two, each one with different names. I am the oldest. I am named Kioma. It means Trinity. And Heidi, for you, my sister's name is Trilly. It means to shine.

"Daddy, we know you are excited about your talk this weekend but please be careful. There are some that don't want you to talk at all. Sorry for the bad connection. It's all we have for such long distances. If we get disconnected it means that we have..."

The call abruptly cuts out, leaving a bewildered Stan concerned for the welfare of the nine children he had no knowledge of.

Of all his alleged alien children, the most famous is Kioma - and Stan says that he has THREE photos of her, taken right here on planet Earth, not that he has ever interacted with her directly.

Now, I have never in my life met a man who likes having his photo taken, but Romanek seems to thrive off of having pictures of himself hanging out at home or performing mundane tasks.

kioma stan romanek
Is this a hybrid alien child peeking through the window?

He noticed that there was something off about a picture taken of him sitting in his living room - the shape of a little girl's head could be made out peering in from outside the window. Romanek claims that he found a footprint where she would have been standing, and that winter it appeared to repel snow, instead producing a beautiful cluster of flowers.

Fingerprints found on the window appeared to show three elongated fingers and a thumb.

But Romanek insists yet more compelling evidence of the existence of 'Kioma' came several months later in another strange phone call. In March 2010, the strange voice was recorded saying: "Daddy can you hear me? We might visit you sometime at your talk. Got to go, bye."

Days later on March 27, Romanek logged in his diary, "strange looking little girls show up at Aztec UFO conference and gave me flowers. She said I love you Daddy, and ran away."

Romanek's wife somehow managed to get an incredibly clear photo of the strange girl sitting at the conference.

kioma stan romanek
A picture of the strange girl at his UFO talk - is it Kioma his hybrid child?

A side profile, it showed a fair-haired girl with dramatically arched eyebrows - a similar eye shape to the other 'child' he caught on film. Determined to find out just who has been using harvesting his sperm and why, he underwent hypnosis to unlock traumatic memories of his time on UFOs.

In video camera footage of him in a deep trance, he's seen weeping as he explains he is in a spaceship with another human woman, and that they are suddenly ambushed by a troop of small excited children. He says they "vary in ages and sizes, some look more human some look less. Some had hair some didn't."

As the therapist delves deeper in to the crevices of his memory, Romanek cries some more.

He recalls: "I'm looking at these children and I'll never forget. This one little girl comes up to me an hugs my leg and I am looking down at this beautiful little child hugging my leg and I realise this kid looks like me and she's beautiful but she's different. She has these huge, oversized, slanted almond eyes."

But things get painful as he relives the moment the aliens lead him away from his pleading children.

Stan Romanek says this is evidence there was a living alien in his home
Stan Romanek says this is evidence there was a living alien in his home

Mysterious phone calls, pet names purred by a strange female voice, and the arrival of secret love children would be enough to make most wives demand a divorce, but Romanek's wife Lisa stood by him. She even stayed loyal when he spotted a woman also said to be involved in the breeding programme sitting in the audience at one of his UFO talks in June 2008.

Understanding Lisa welcomed Victoria Albright into the family home, and even put on a brave face when the apparent intergalactic parents snuck off for private time, leaving her feeling like a stranger in her own marriage.

She has even stood by Romanek after conviction for possessing child sex abuse images.

At one point in 2014, she said: "We will be taking UFOlogy into the courtroom."

In December 2017, he was sentenced to two years in a halfway house and to register as a sex offender with 10 years of intense supervised probation after he was convicted of possession of child sex abuse images. It followed an eight-month investigation by the US Department of Homeland Security, which found more than 300 incriminating pictures and video files on his computers.

His wife Lisa believes that Stan has been framed by the US Government and other 'enemies'
His wife Lisa believes that Stan has been framed by the US Government and other 'enemies'

Last year, after several missed court dates during his original punishment, Romanek was re-sentenced to 10 more years of intense supervised probation. He maintains that his claims of alien contact are completely true. He also maintains that the child sex abuse material found on his computer were not his, having publicly accused the US government of planting it to frame him.

Lisa also believes that her husband was framed by unknown enemies, due to his status as an alien abductee. Romanek, who at one point claimed to have an implant in his leg which then disappeared, cited his intention to appeal his sentence more than once. To date, no appeal has been lodged.


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