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Was Edwin Starr a Satanist? Hear mysterious 666 lyric from soul hit

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It seems my suspicions were unfounded

If you follow as many ridiculous psychic and zodiac Instagram accounts as I do, you’ll probably know 11:11 means the universe is checking in with you to tell you everything is as it should be/a guardian angel is watching over you.

But what about if you see 666 all the time?

It happens to me so often that even my own mother jokes that it’s my “real dad” just saying hello.... or is that HELL-O.

Unread emails, receipts, even the bloody raffle ticket they give you at my regular eyebrow threading place - the Number Of The Beast pops up all the time.

Is it any wonder my nickname at my old job was “Satan’s messenger on Earth?”

Today, for the first time, I had an AURAL incidence of the Mark... and I wasn’t listening to Iron Maiden.

I had had a Sunday morning Four Tops binge, and Spotify’s algorithm (I assume) brought Edwin Starr's 1969 track Twenty Five Miles in to the mix.

It’s an absolute corker, and while I’m not sure if I’ve heard it before, I won’t forget it.

As he counts down how many miles he has left to walk before arriving home to his amazing woman and her incredible kisses and cuddles, he says six not once, not twice, but THREE times. And he even has a slick dance move for it too, it happens around 1:06 in the clip below.

Obviously my first thought was “omg Edwin Starr might have been a Satanist”.

According to Google no one else has ever suspected this and there is no evidence to suggest that the soul icon was in league with the lord of the underworld.

But, if YOU have wondered this and it has brought you here, to this website, be reassured you’re not the only sinister-minded lunatic out there.... HELL-O!


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