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Super Goth: The Undertaker Retires from WWE after hanging, burying and embalming his enemies

He's had many guises, all have been terrifying (we're ignoring 'American Badass')

30 Years ago to the day, Mark Calaway, then 25 years old, made his first ring walk dressed as The Undertaker to the expert commentary of "LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT HAM HOCK!"

Little did he or Vince McMahon know what the next 30 years of the WWF (WWE) would look like and few would have predicted that Calaway would dominate the sport until his final day (we're not even gonna mention the American badass thing).

He is arguably the greatest wrestler of all time and, definitely more importantly, he was a 90s Nu-Metal Goth's dream. At its height during the attitude era WWF (WWE) had a distinctly satanic feel with The Undertaker centre stage and the likes of The Brood, Ministry of Darkness, Kane and Paul Bearer building the dark universe around him.

Here are our favourite moments from the 'takers career...

Hanging the Big Boss Man

March 28, 1999 - At Wrestlemania XV The Undertaker faced The Big Boss Man in a Hell in the Cell and after delivering the tombstone to the corporation member there was a surprise addition to the ruckus.

The Brood, Gangrel, Edge and Christian descended from the ceiling and hung a noose on the cell.

The Undertaker duly hung it around Boss Man's neck and the cell rose up, seemingly killing the cop (God how that would be loved at the moment).

Crucifying Stone Cold Steve Austin

December 7, 1998 - Famously, Vince McMahon loved controversy in the '90s and all news was good news for the WWF (WWE).

In the run up to Christmas, McMahon angered religious groups worldwide after The Undertaker and his band of satanic druids sacrificed Stone Cold Steve Austin on Monday night RAW.

Stephanie's Virgin Sacrifice

April 26th 1999 - at the previous night's Backlash, 'Taker had abducted Stephanie McMahon and the next night at Monday night RAW he decided to sacrifice the owner's daughter in the ring with Paul Bearer hosting the ceremony.

This was a step too far for Stone Cold who made his way to the ring to prevent the Undertaker's dark plan.

Embalming Stone Cold

November 23rd 1998 - Strange how little The Undertaker was seen lurking about in funeral homes during his 30 year career but one dark night in 1998 showed he knew his way around a morgue.

During Monday night RAW, 'Taker took an unconscious Stone Cold in the back of Paul Bearer's hears to a funeral home to embalm him... alive. Maximum Undertaker points for the fabulous ritual tongue.

Burying and Being Buried

The Undertaker vs Mankind at ‘In your House’ PPV, 1996

Stone Cold vs The Undertaker at ‘Rock Bottom: In Your House’ PPV, 1998

The Undertaker & Big Show vs Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection at SmackDown , 1999

Vince McMahon vs The Undertaker at Survivor Series PPV, 2003

Kane vs The Undertaker at ‘Bragging Rights’ PPV , 2010

The Undertaker's day job played the most important role in his 30 year career. He bloody loved burying people (alive), although he succumbed to a fair few burials himself, but he's immortal so, PSYCH, he always came back for more!

Satan bless The Undertaker and his 30 year career as The Phenom!


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