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Isaac from The Children of the Corn was also Chucky, and Cousin Itt

John Franklin is best known as Isaac from The Children of the Corn

We love a seasonal horror film, and nothing says 'harvest festival' like The Children of the Corn. Sadly, our plans to watch all NINE of the franchise back-to-back was scuppered when we realised that only 1 and 2 were streaming for free on Amazon Prime.

If you think 'The Children of the Corn', the chances are you'll remember the creepy child preacher Isaac Chroner, who with his piercing blue eyes and love of a sharply tailored black suit, orchestrates the murder of the whole adult population of Gatlin, Nebraska.

The creepy kid from The Children of the Corn has starred in three horror franchises
Isaac and Malachi caused havoc in Gatlin, Nebraska

You might also remember Malachi, his gormless ginger henchman who ends up sacrificing him to 'He Who Walks Behind the Rows' a demonic fertility spirit who has possessed and brainwashed the youngsters.

John Franklin, who played Isaac, was actually 23 when they filmed The Children of the Corn, which was a huge hit, spending 10 weeks at the top of the US Box Office when it was release in 1984. He has a growth hormone deficiency, which means he looks younger than his years, and is also more compact.

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Cousin Itt was asked to marry Uncle Fester and narcissist gold digger Debbie

His short stature led to him getting more work in two more iconic film franchises - and when we found this out, we were compelled to share it. It's pretty effing cool.

In 1988, he was cast in Child's Play. He is the voice of Chucky when he's not possessed by Brad Dourif, and in some shots where Chucky is seen walking or running around, that is him, too.

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Three years later he was cast as Cousin Itt in The Addams Family, and reprised his role in the iconic sequel, Addams Family Values.

These days, John is a teacher - and unsurprisingly, a fan convention favourite. We would especially LOVE to insert ourselves in the picture below. What a trio of terror!

Isaac, Freddy Kreuger and Malachi - a real triple threat

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