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Horror-scopes: Why Twin Peaks' Leland Palmer is 100% a Pisces

Turning on the waterworks... how Piscean

An unhinged man weeps in the middle of his living room. He’s bawling, calling out the name “Laura” over and over again as he spins round holding a photograph of a beautiful young woman. It’s a pitiful sight.

It’s Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks - a true Piscean man.

But Leland is not weeping for a lost lover, he’s gripped by grief after the murder of his daughter - who he unknowingly killed (and raped) while possessed by spirit entity BOB who has been living in him since childhood.

Complicated and a bit weird? It’s merely the tip of the iceberg with water signs, TRUST ME (and excuse the pun).

Leland Palmer's emotions took over after the death of his daughter

Born February 26, Leland is one of TV’s best baddies, horrifying viewers with his secret lust for incest, dodgy business deals, philandering, being a vessel for evil. A true Pisc… I joke.

But Piscean men can be tricky, their over emotional nature making them moody, brooding and at times, needy and sulky.


Their moods move like the tides of the sea, up and down, but like their ruler Neptune’s Greek god namesake, most of it happens beneath the surface, they are the true emos of the zodiac.

As he says to Sheriff Harry Truman while being quizzed for the murder of Jack Renault: “It’s more than grief. It’s deep down. Every cell screams, you can hear nothing else.”

Leland Palmer never recovered after this emotional breakdown

But when those emotions come to the surface, you’re in line for one hell of a storm that might rage on indefinitely.

Like Gemini and Libra (who both boast several horror characters of their own), Pisces is a dual sign, represented by its symbol of two fishes swimming in opposite directions.

This gives you an inkling in to the constant tug of war going on beneath Pisces’ often relaxed demeanour.

Sometimes it's better not to know what lies beneath the surface of these people...

As my psychic frequently tells me, despite Pisces’ reputation for being the most empathetic signs in the zodiac, ultimately it’s all about them. Their needs, their feelings, their wants. You’re just a boat on their ocean, and get on the wrong side of them, they won’t care if you sink or swim.

But how does this apply to the charismatic Leland?

The Cosmo gang seem to have a totally different opinion to Pisces men than my trusted psychic, and instead focus on him being so empathetic that if you’re not feeling too chipper he’ll do everything possible to cheer you up.

Perhaps sing a song like this?


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