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Horror-scopes: X Files' Dana Scully has Pisces intuition

Of course I know "Dana Scully, FBI!" isn’t a real person, but I’ll admit to being shocked to find out she was a Pisces.

The emotional rollercoaster of the zodiac, was this stern, humourless woman really one of life’s dreamers?

On the surface, you’d be forgiven that she really isn’t. I’d definitely have her down as more of a Libra - she’s so logical and on the whole rational minded... for a bit.

But with a little encouragement from the gang, I was able to see some of the qualities that are inherent in these folks.

They write: “As a Pisces born on February 23rd, your imagination, intuition and selflessness are amongst your most defining qualities.

Scully in full boring bitch mode

“You have an active and creative mind, which you use for a variety of purpose, one being to find the best in people and situations.”

Another Piscean trait is her ability to love deeply, and fans got to see her relationship with partner Fox Mulder slowly creep from the FBI HQ basement to the bedroom.

Full disclaimer: I have always thought that Scully was a bit of a nause. I didn’t see her as necessarily someone I would want to hang out with as she always seems so bloody miserable - but was that just her empathetically mirroring Mulder’s pain for his lost sister Samantha? Or her Catholic background?

She certainly does have an “active mind” - mostly maintaining her skeptic point of view, until she becomes a full-blown paranormal stan, discovers she is an abductee, part alien and is filled with DNA with potential to save humanity from oblivion.

Scully being smug and annoying also shed more light on Scully's personality, writing she would typically be "sensible, quick-witted and intellectual... can multitask.

"As a career, you would prefer to wear many hats. A variety of duties makes work interesting to you Pisces. You could easily be someone who works in a field that helps people."

Well she's a trained doctor, and when she's not hunting down anomalies, intellectually sparring with conspiracists, she's doing paperwork or performing autopsies - I'd say that's a bit of a mixed bag!

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