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Horror-scopes: Mummy's Boy Norman Bates, typical Libra

Norman Bates loves his mum - but that's not the only typical Libra thing about him

When I was trying to track down the D.O.B of Hitchcock's top mummy's boy, I found something that screamed 'LIBRA' before I even knew he was born on October 14.

Referring to his mum, Norma, it explains that he "had developed a murderous split personality based on her". How very 'air sign'. Like Gemini, Libra is a dual sign, meaning that they can veer dangerously from one personality to another - and in Norman's case, both of his were unhinged.

It's hard to believe that Robert Bloch hadn't already decided the weirdo in his new book was a Libra before putting pen to paper to write Psycho in 1959.

A quick scroll through (batshit crazy) astrology forum/emotional dumping ground/support group DXP reveals that plenty of women have questioned their Libra man's relationship/obsession with their mother. I too have experienced it first hand, having a Libra brother, and a Libra ex, who are just as obsessed with their own mums as Norman was with his.

Do these comments from the forum ring any bells when it comes to Norm'?

"They listen only their mothers , not their hearts. Few only are able to take the decision to pass over their mothers words" - tick.

"There's another thread on here somewhere about peter pan syndrome and mommas boys, and libra men came up a lot" - Norman is the ultimate momma's boy, tick.

...which is bad news for anyone looking to date a Libra man

"Libra men adore their mothers. I mean they just can't let go" - he wears his mum's clothes and pretends to be her, MASSIVE TICK.

Norman Bates isn't the only Libra lunatic you need to watch out for - have you met Michael Myers?


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